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Bitter and twisted?

28 July 2015 Black Country (92)

My picture today is of the Wednesbury Oak Loop canal, we have a lot of canals in the Black Country. It looks like a very peaceful tranquil scene, but in Anglo Saxon times there were all kinds of dangers, including wolves.

We have instincts that help us to avoid dangerous creatures. I see a big, wolf- like dog while I’m walking, my instincts are to run; my heart races and part of me wants to rid the forest of wolves forever.  There are no wolves now of course, just idiots with big dogs.

I might go out today and take some photos, the weather isn’t ideal but in England we don’t let that stop us.

Instincts are born in us, but beliefs are acquired. They are both useful. Instincts make us jump when a spider crawls out from under the bath, beliefs give us certainty in an uncertain world. I’ve been watching the Labour leadership contest with interest. Some candidates are right wing, one is left wing. They have beliefs, not  policies. They have no new ideas, their beliefs have taken shape over decades. They have been influenced a little by their constituents problems, but they have mostly been influenced by what has happened in their own lives. They are more likely to understand the unfairness of life for many people, if they have experienced unfairness in their life. We do have to ask though, has the unfairness they experienced made them bitter and twisted? We can’t win really can we, it’s a choice between bitter and twisted, but passionate or someone with no experience of hardship.  When we believe something, we have certainty. That is hard to change, so the struggle between right and left in politics will go on and on. If we try to turn a atheist into a Christian or a Christian into an atheist we face an impossible task.  The same applies if we try to change a Tory into a socialist or vice versa. It takes a betrayal to change their beliefs. The only time politicians cross the floor is when they feel betrayed by their own side.

Betrayal provokes a strong reaction. It’s bad when we are defeated by our enemies, but to be defeated by our friends can make us bitter and twisted. Many people feel betrayed by their partners or by their families. That too can lead to a feeling of utter despair and a prolonged quest for justice. Even crime is often motivated by a quest for social justice. It seems strange to imagine the quest for justice driving people to criminal acts, but it is true that society can be so unfair towards some people that they do seek to even the score by just taking what they want.

I’m a believer in social equality, but I doubt if I will ever see it. People can be seen as inferior for all kinds of reasons. It’s not just the way they behave that classifies them as inferior and not worthy of equality. It can be their race, colour, their appearance, the way they speak; in fact just anything that makes them different to us. We can all discriminate and be condescending towards those people who don’t believe as we do.

I’m beginning to sound bitter and twisted too, let’s have a few pictures!

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