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A Black Country Christmas in pictures

Horse owners at the Frying Pan

I have taken so many pictures this year that it’s hard to choose which to use for my Christmas posts. Today I’m using a lot I shot in the Black Country this year. This one was taken at the Frying Pan in Darlaston in July.

I photographed the horse owners and their horses at the Fiery Holes pub in May. Those pictures went onto the Express and Star website and they liked them enough to do a spread in the local newspaper. I hope to use a few of those photos today, that you might not have seen!

Fiery Holes - horses (201)

This is from the first photo shoot that I did, just because I was passing on a sunny afternoon. I was invited to photograph them again at the Frying Pan in Darlaston when they had a memorial get together.  I was invited back to the Frying Pan to photograph a charity bike ride too and made a few visits there in the summer. Those pictures will be used for posts tomorrow and the rest of the week. This is going to be a week of pictures.

I think I took over 2000 photos in 2014 and so I’m sharing all the good ones this week. There were some great pictures especially of the kids at the Frying Pan. It made a nice change from landscape photography which is a solitary pursuit sometimes.  I also photographed the switch-on of the Wednesbury Christmas Lights with Gareth Gates singing ‘Spirit in the Sky’. I enjoyed that! Then the next week, I went to the Manor hospital to photograph Noddy Holder of Slade do the switch-on of the Christmas Tree lights there.

Here are some hoss pictures! Click a picture to see them larger in a carousel…

Please comment, if you saw yourself in a picture. I hope you’re all having a great Christmas. There will be more pictures tomorrow. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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