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Black Country day, aye it?

It’s Sunday morning and so as usual I’ll share my thoughts with you. It’s Black Country Day and all through July is the Black Country Festival. I missed the carnival yesterday. There is no disabled parking. That is going to be my life for a while, working out if I can park at events. There is an event today but again I doubt if I’ll get parking so I didn’t buy a ticket.

Black Country flag

Black Country Day

I would like to see more events for the Black Country festival. There isn’t one event in Wednesbury today and many of the events in the Black Country tend to be expensive affairs. Someone complained about the prices on the fair at the carnival yesterday but that didn’t surprise me.

Black Country culture

The accent and dialect is what makes the Black Country different. Is it something we can be proud of? I’m not sure, but we shouldn’t be ashamed of our heritage and we should try to protect it. We have a grade two listed park which has changed over the years. The pavilion has gone, the whalebones have gone, the bowling greens have gone. New additions include keep fit equipment and a skateboard park. I think we need a new pavilion with disabled toilets. We need the car park extending and we need disabled car parking so I can photograph the carnival!


The good news is that my disability might improve. I’ll see the doctor this week and I have an appointment to see a surgeon in September. I am at least getting used to it and have some photography planned. I’m still planning on doing more art cards, depending on the support I get.


I do take an interest in our Wednesbury and Black Country heritage. I’m admin of the History of Wednesbury on Facebook and record some history using my photography. I try to get pictures before things are changed. I photographed the Pound Road footbridge this week that is due to be replaced. My interest in history, art and culture serves a useful purpose in the community.

Teddy Gray’s

Teddy Gray’s is a well-known Black Country name. I might pop in the shop this afternoon and stock up on herbal tablets. I’ll take a few photos around the town while I’m there. I’ll stock up on beer today too! It is a shame I can’t stock upon a proper local beer but Banks’s Mild will have to do.


Humour is an important part of our culture and it can be silly or it can be dry. It’s often based on the dialect. I read a bit of  humour today that is typical. A bloke went up to the bar in Ma Pardoe’s and said, “I’ve got a complaint.” The gaffer said, “By the looks of ya, yow gorra few complaints”. You need a sharp wit to survive in Dudley.

That’s all for today. Have a great Black Country day, wherever yow bin!



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