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Black Country pictures.

28 July 2015 Black Country (159)

I took this photo yesterday. As you can see, this is Ye Olde Leathern Bottel, or just ‘the bottle’ to the locals. Established in 1510, it’s the town’s oldest pub and quite possibly the oldest in the Black Country. I’m admin of the History of  Wednesbury Facebook Page, so I take an interest in local history.

At the rear of the pub there used to be a workshop making gun parts. These pub workshops were an important part of the early industry of the Black Country. Legend has it that Dick Turpin often frequented this pub, probably to get spare parts for his muskets.

28 July 2015 Black Country (1)

This is the Wednesbury Oak loop canal that meanders through Bilston, but no longer comes as far as Wednesbury. We were lucky to catch them removing vegetation from the surface.

28 July 2015 Black Country (41)

The canal comes to an abrupt end at the back of a pub in Bradley Lane. There is a boat workshop of some kind there, but I’ve never walked that far to take a look. There is some wildlife and often horses tethered near the canal.

28 July 2015 Black Country (52)

I like this picture, we stopped to have a little chat with the boat man. Don’t let that picture fool you, the water is quite deep in places.

28 July 2015 Black Country (67)

That’s a good shot, it shows the boat that skims the water too. Finding access to the canals now if becoming harder as new housing is often built giving residents a water front.

28 July 2015 Black Country (85)

This is a bit farther down the canal where there is woodland. That’s being cleared for some kind of urban village. It could almost be the English countryside.

28 July 2015 Black Country (99)

This is the woodland, where they are trying to stop access now. On the other side were earth movers and other machines clearing it. It seems a shame, we don’t have enough open spaces in the Black Country.

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