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Black Country places #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so as usual I’ll share my innermost thoughts and allow you into the innermost chambers of my mind. These are sacred places that even I’m still discovering. What’s on my mind this morning?

Black Country places

Unusual places

I’m thinking about those unusual places where I go to take photographs on a Sunday. I also have the car boot sale on my mind that I could photograph, we do need to publicise it. In the 18th century, deep channels were cut through the Black Country to make canals and this was the transport system that shaped the Black Country. This was the cut and served us well until the railways came along and gave us a faster system. So do we want a super fast train in the form of HS2 to take us up and down to London and back? Of course, we don’t, what a daft idea, we need a twenty-first-century super highway to move data, not goods or people.

The Brexit hit the fan

Last month we had half the ruling classes telling us to vote for Brexit and half saying stay in the EU. This month we have an IMF oversight committee telling us the whole European monetary experiment was a disaster. Remember in 2008 the newspapers telling us that the United States was bankrupt and couldn’t pay its debts to the Chinese. They printed shed loads of money and alakazam they were out of trouble. When the same was said about Greece, Greece couldn’t print money because Greece had given that power away to the European Central Bank who were as much use as the proverbial chocolate teapot. Britain wasn’t a member of the Euro club so we turned on the printing presses too but introduced austerity to pay for what? What vanity projects did George have in mind when he cut benefits? Why was he so keen on Hinckley Point and HS2? Why not build well-insulated homes for people to live in? That is something we actually need. Anyway, we aren’t out of the European Union yet. Will our economy crash again when Article 50 is triggered?

Black Country places

Anyway, I need places to go today. In Willenhall Park, the amazing Miss Fortunes are singing in the bandstand and in Darlaston there is a fun day at the Conservative Club. Wednesbury has it’s car boot sale. I did have landscape photography in mind, so where haven’t I been before that could be interesting? I think I’ll look through my archive and see if I can find inspiration! So that’s it for today, I’ll share those pictures from the archive at the end of the post. I think I will go to the car boot sale, this morning.

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