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Black Country #ramble


Welcome to another Sunday morning ramble through the lesser trodden pathways of my mind, when I just let the creative juices and flow and write absolute crap. Today’s picture is of Brian Deakin, alias Billy Spakemon. It’s National Dialect Weekend and Wednesbury is hosting an event.

The Black Country has a dialect that has been described as “the last haven of the Mercian tongue”. I went to photograph the first night of the weekend event on Friday and it was what we call a bostin night out. I have photographed Brian before and the local paper used that photo last week. I didn’t know I had let them have the photo. My memory gets worse. I took a notepad to write notes on Friday and then I forgot! So I can’t tell you all the acts that were there but everyone was bostin.

People came from around the country to the event and today they are getting a guided tour around the town. As we say in the Black Country, it’s a bit black over Bill’s mother’s. There are dark clouds to the west and this depressing weather is forecast to last all day. The Black Country was once described by a visiting American as ‘black by day and red by night’, so the weather is quite fitting to the occasion. Aye it?

The weather

We are Black Country men and wenches, but we’re still English and the English talk about the weather. Dow we? The weather is a bit of a disappointment today because this is one day the traffic on the roads is a bit lighter and I like to do a bit of landscape photography. I thought about photographing the visitors walking around town, but it was too far to walk. Wor it?

1 Scarbelly blues Band

The Scarbelly Blues Band rounded the night off on Friday with a great performance. I’ve only been out four times in the evening this year and they have been at three of them and Den was in the audience at the other one. I dow get out much in the evening. I like comfort and so I go to bed early and watch telly in comfort.


I went for an x-ray this week because my hip was painful not long ago. I think arthritis was reminding me to take it easy. Anyway, they don’t mess about, I was in and out quite quickly. When you’re paying £2 an hour for parking that’s just as well. In the afternoon, I went for my B12 injection and was offered a free flu jab. That was an offer I couldn’t refuse. I think I’ve had a bit of an immune response to that, but I’m pretty good considering. Aye I?

Small world

I run the local history page on Facebook which has been doing well this week with a ‘reach’ of 30,000. It constantly reminds me that I’m not as young as I used to be. I get asked some difficult questions on local history that test my memory. I’m not helping students now because they all graduated, but they still ask for my help too. I had one ask me about certification for electrical appliances this week. She’s trying to sell them in Shanghai. It’s a small world when you can just chat to friends 8,000 miles away. When I say chat, we use text on Skype. She can’t understand my accent and dialect, I could use sign language when she was staying with me earlier in the year. You should have seen me trying to sign chicken wings…

In the perpa

I nearly forgot I had an article in the Wolverhampton Express and Star this week. I was “in the perpa” as we say in the Black Country. I have a page on their website. I was in the printed edition a couple of weeks ago and have photos in sometimes too. This is an achievement in the Black Country. We get a lot of people come into the Black Country from outside every day, to do jobs that we could do. People with a Black Country accent and dialect are often considered stupid and unworthy of such jobs, so they bring in outsiders. One school even tried to ban the kids from speaking in the local dialect. That day werk did it?


You can’t judge by appearances. In fact, I think Brian Deakin has  a doctorate in history and they don’t give those to everyone do they? Thay dow do thay?

This has been a long ramble today, but distinctions between different regions of England are important. We all have different culture and heritage and that should be celebrated not scorned by the Oxbridge and Chipping Norton set. You will always get a better welcome in the Black Country than down in Chipping Norton!

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