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Black Friday countdown #thrifty

It is Black Friday next week but it lasts a whole week in this country. If you are in the market for a new television or white goods this could be a good time to grab a bargain. With the magic of the internet you don’t even need to leave your armchair to do it.

Black Friday #thrifty #frugal

Black Friday

Check out the bigger suppliers who sell online first. The biggest to adopt the Black Friday discounts is Amazon but they don’t always have the best deals on bigger, more expensive items. I buy quite expensive camera equipment and rarely buy from Amazon. However, Amazon already have some early deals that are worth looking at.

Big stores

Big stores like Curry’s and Argos are getting in on the act too. I find both stores better for things like cleaners and white goods. Argos is ahead of Curry’s with deals already available.

The supermarkets

Tesco Black Friday deals start next week but they have some clearance items on sale now so they could be the better bargain.  Asda introduced Black Friday to the UK but this year they seem less than enthusiastic about it.

Debenhams seems to always have a sale on and so their week-long offers are really no different to the usual ones. That is a problem, all the sales can run into one long sale!

Matalan has decided to go for promo codes this week for their week-long offers. Click the link to get those codes.

Check the app!

I checked my Matalan app and that offers me 15% off anyway so check the app for Black Fridays deals too. You should also check the app if you have the Amazon app or an app for any of the other retailers.

Paying for you deal

If you find a great Black Friday, paying for it could be a problem. Avoid in-store finance and store cards. The best way to pay is on a credit card and then consider a balance transfer. I prefer to pay my credit card off each month but I do use it to get some time to pay.

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