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Black Friday week? #thrifty

Black Friday is s discount day in the US but seems to last a week in the UK. It is mostly US owned companies that make the offers such as Amazon who have deals on goods that have low production costs and a high markup like CD’s and DVD’s. Asda, according to their website, has ended their event…

Black Friday in the US is the day after Thanksgiving, the fourth Thursday in November. Which makes me wonder why Asda have excluded it from their ‘Black Friday’ event…

Curry’s have a Black Friday event tomorrow with electrical goods discounted. I drove past there yesterday on my way to B & M. The location of my local store is a problem. There are lots of big name stores on the same road, which normally has heavy traffic. It will be manic tomorrow.  I would go and take photos of the chaos, but I’ll be photographing the Christmas lights switch-on a mile away from there.

Aldi has a lot of Christmas lines in now and you can pick up some bargains. The super-six fruit and vegetables are the same as last week. They are green beans (220g), baby maris peer potatoes (1kg), red onions (1kg), swede, conference pears and leeks (500g). They are all 59p each and the offers last until the 2nd of December.

The special buys today include a 48” TV for 299.99. I should also mention the professional  grooming kit with rechargeable clippers for 19.99. I know someone who wants one of those.

The Sunday special buys are household goods like bedding, towels and a luxury bath mat. I bought two throws for 3.99 at B & M yesterday. They are OK to throw over a chair to keep it clean, which is what I’ve done.

Argos have a Black Friday event and that one has already started. It’s a bit stupid having sales and this kind of event for only one day or worse a couple of hours. It makes congestion on the roads even worse. I’m glad Ikea isn’t having a Black Friday event, that would cause more chaos where I live.

It might be worth checking out online your local stores for luxury items like televisions and then going as soon as they open in the morning to see if you can save money. Will I be going to Curry’s at 6 in the morning? Not a chance, I’ll be tucked up in bed, nice and warm…

Don’t forget you can subscribe to this blog or just follow me on Twitter for updates. I’ll be checking out bargains at a Christmas market tomorrow and maybe helping out local small traders a little.

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