Energy and inflation. #financefriday

I have energy and inflation on my mind like many other people. We are seeing higher prices at the pumps as oil goes way above $80 a barrel. I’m not using a lot of petrol so that cost isn’t so bad at the moment. My energy costs are fixed until the summer and I’m unsure how big the rise will be then but I’m expecting a big increase. Will the government take action to limit the rise or help people on low incomes?

energy and inflation

The end of the road? #sundayramble

I think A Zillion Ideas might be coming to the end of the road. The domain name is on auto-renew and will renew this month but when the web space runs out I don’t intend to renew it. I’m not happy with how the website looks now and it has virtually no readers left since it was hacked. There are people who like to spoil things, the hackers and the trolls. I can’t be bothered starting again and building up a readership. I might “point” the domain name at my Facebook page and post my pictures to there and Instagram when the spring comes.

a garden lamp

Peppa Pig Prime Minister #financefriday

In a week when we have had our Peppa Pig Prime Minister on the ropes groveling to parliament because he has been caught out yet again. MI5 had to come up with a story to deflect attention away from him and a relative had to catch covid so he can isolate away from the glare of public scrutiny. I found the spy story particularly difficult to accept and later in the day an MP told us they knew about her three years ago.

UK money

Amicron and Qanon #ramble

It’s Sunday morning, so as always, I’ll share my thoughts with you. For the past 9 days I have been doing the January challenges from 64 Million artists. Today’s challenge was about the food that is important to our culture. I  did a bit of research and found a 15th  century recipe for “gray pays”, a traditional dish associated with the Black Country.


Things could get worse. #financefriday

Omicron is spreading like wildfire across the UK but things could get worse. The wholesale price of natural gas has soared too and Britain faces soaring energy bills. We need to prepare for those higher energy costs which could make a lot of other things more expensive too. Things could get worse and spring rather than being a welcome break from winter high energy consumption will see the first of the higher domestic energy bills.

Things could get worse

Photography basics #photography

If you had a new camera for Christmas, you need to learn the photography basics. The composition of your photograph is important and that is the first thing to learn and only experience will teach you what works and what doesn’t work. Your shot should have a subject and where that subject is in the frame is important. The “rule” of thirds might put your subject a third of the way across the frame so it doesn’t dominate the image.

photography basics

An omicron Christmas #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and as usual I’ll share my thoughts with you. It is Christmas next weekend and I think it will be a Christmas of trying to stay safe again. It’s going to be an omicron Christmas as we settle for keeping our distance from people. Some will have parties as they did last Christmas. Bozo Johnson is even encouraging people to have parties. I’m sure the trivial pursuit will be out this week in Number 10 and they will play charades at our expense. It’s all a charade from my point of view. Is it a lockdown? Is it social distancing? No, it’s use your own judgment!


Another covid Christmas. #financefriday

Yesterday, the Bank of England hiked interest rates in response to the increasing inflation rate. Omicron appears to be a threat that we can’t ignore but the signals in the economy suggest we can continue to recover from the worst of covid. The Bank of England raised it’s interest rate to 0.25% which is still quite low. That helped the GBP:USD exchange rate a little, the rate is 1.331 this morning. I don’t want the pound to go up because my eToro investment are in USD. Some large companies get their earnings in USD too so there is a downside to an appreciating GBP.

Where is the leadership? #ramble

Experts are now predicting another wave of covid over the Christmas and New year. The more moronic are still posting on social media and claiming it is all a scam to control us. Where is the leadership that we need in a pandemic? Bozo Johnson is embroiled in scandal after scandal and has been proven by the media to have told lie after lie. Everything from that sign on the side of a bus promising Brexit money for the NHS to his claims that he wasn’t at those parties and didn’t know anything about them. It was all lies.

where is the leadership?