Peppa Pig and other diversions #ramble

As always on a Sunday, I’ll share my thoughts with you. Bozo Johnson shared his elation about going to Peppa Pig world and then gave us a pep talk later in the week. Then we ended the week with a change to Covid rules introducing “face covering” in shops and public transport. No need for “face coverings” in the pub though, so no reasons for drunken belligerence or protests.

1 the four seasons

A Black Friday crash #financeFriday

I’m late writing my Finance Friday post because I wanted the first few hours of today’s crash on the London Stock Exchange to play out. I’m not even sure crash is the right word. At the time of writing the FTSE 100 is down 2.7% which doesn’t seem to warrant the word crash. Markets don’t take action until a drop of around 7% is reached. This drop wasn’t even across the market either. Banks got hit hard, as did air travel and leisure. Rolls Royce is down over 10%, Lloyds Banking group over 6% and Marstons over 7%. I so got hit quite hard. The reason for the fall is the emergence of a new covid variant in South Africa.

Black Friday crash

Telling a story #photography

I’m quite a creative person these days and that means writing as well as photography. I’ve even done a little drawing and painting recently. I try to do the challenges from 64 Million Artists using a photograph or even a poem but this week it was difficult so I used a simple story. Art is often about telling a story. Last year, I took a series of photographs to tell the story of my time in lockdown. Those pictures were taken around my home and garden.


Consolidating a position. #financefriday

I wish I had some good news to share but covid cases are rising and that has consequences for the economy. Austria has imposed a new full lockdown and the virus is spreading across Europe. New cases in the UK are running at 32,000 new cases day with deaths back up to 1,400 a week. So investors are consolidating a position that is diverse and making sure they have enough cash to weather any impending storm. The price of gold is up as some investors consider worst-case scenarios.

 consolidating a position

The next generation and the ones after that #ramble

It’s Sunday morning once again and so I’ll share my thoughts with you. I have decided not to do this blog after January 2021, this is the beginning of the end! Google and the other search engines now favour large companies that spend lots of money on advertising. I could resort to all sorts of tricks to get traffic and add advertising and affiliates to my blog but I’m too old to be ambitious now. I’ll settle for what I have and be ambitious in other ways. I aspire to a quiet life these days!

Autumn colours 2

Invest to recover #financefriday

A good indicator of the state of the world economy is the gold price. It is £80 an ounce higher than a few weeks ago but it has dropped since yesterday. The pandemic is far from over and we have virtually no restrictions in the UK. I had my booster jab yesterday. I moved a chair away from the wall so I could put my coat over the back of the chair while I had my jab. My doctor was quick to tell me to put it back and keep my distance. Those of us who appreciate how contagious covid is are still being cautious but the ambulances are queuing outside A&E departments because we have allowed people to spread disinformation on social media and now the government is giving people the impression the dangers are behind us. The virus is still with us and causing economic problems, supply chain problems and finance problems and will do so for some time to come.

invest to recover

Looking back #photography

The pandemic is far from over and so I haven’t taken many photos this year but I can look back on photos I’ve taken in previous years and learn a lot from them. Some photos are better than others and I can see the composition that worked and in some cases the composition that didn’t quite work. Sometimes text within the picture adds something to the image and it also tends to make the image look quite sharp.


Where do you stick a climate crisis? #ramble

Doesn’t time fly when you’re retired. It doesn’t seem 5 minutes since I wrote my last Sunday post. If you’re new to my blog, I share my thoughts with my readers on Sunday morning. What’s new this week? It seems John Major doesn’t approve of  Bozo Johnson, our bumbling Prime Minister, either. Does anyone take him seriously? He is all blah, blah, blah and despite claiming to “get things done” is all talk and little action. He does delegate however to his ministers such as Sunak whose budget hardly inspired the markets and whose “eat out to help out” helped prolong the epidemic in the UK.


Herd immunity and economic recovery. #financefriday

It would appear that those fans of “herd immunity” in government are now getting their way. The epidemic in the UK continues unchecked and we are expected to accept that 1,000 people a week is the price we have to pay for a return to economic normality. I think the economy would still have returned to normality if we had kept some restrictions like mask wearing and saved a few more lives not to mention reducing the strain on the NHS. The markets haven’t been impressed by the present strategy which is just letting thing take their course.

Recogise the shot #photography

Looking back at the photographs you have taken in the past can give you some idea of what you did right and what you did wrong. The pandemic has restricted my photography a lot but I did an interesting project last year, seeing what I could find to photograph around my home and garden. I was determined to to try train my mind to spot the unusual shot or at least a shot that I wouldn’t usually take. I wanted to become more mindful of my surroundings and create a chronicle of my time isolated from people.

recognise the shot