Autumn photography ideas #photography

My photography has taken a back seat just lately. The weather hasn’t favoured landscape photography and I haven’t been able to go to any events because of the pandemic. There is always something to photograph though and I have been doing a little still life photography. I need more practice doing still life, especially getting the light just right. Using a flash means new problems with the light and composition is completely different. Now we are well into autumn, I will try to get out and capture those autumn colours on brighter days.


Living in strange times #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so as always I’ll share my thoughts with you. Everything seems very autumnal this week and the pump on my central heating has stopped working so it is decidedly chilly. I do have gas fires so it’s not so bad! It’s half-term this week so the kids will be off school. Will this be a long awaited “circuit breaker” and curb the spread of covid infection? Will their parents tell them to be careful mixing with other kids this week or will they just bury their heads in the sand and hope for the best? I suspect the latter. Bozo Johnson thinks he is captain of a rugger team and all he has to do is give his team regular pep talks. I’ll avoid contact with other people apart from my “bubble” and arrange my “booster”. That is all we can do.

Lower High Street

Time for plan B? #financefriday

This week we have seen gas prices rising so fast that it is putting the smaller energy companies out of business. Oil prices crossed the $80 a barrel level and covid cases continue to rise in the UK. Bozo Johnson is still positive that his irreversible plan will work but has a “plan B”. Many are saying that “plan B” should be implemented now. What can we ordinary people do?

Plan B

History, art and other ideas. #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so as usual I’ll share with you my thoughts today. What’s on my mind this week? History, art and other things! I have been researching local history and I now believe that Aethelflaed, warrior princess, signed a royal charter less than a mile from where I’m sitting, on the 9th of September 915 AD. This is according to a book that has been recently published. How exciting!

history & Art

A faltering recovery? #financefriday

I see the economy recovering from the covid driven recession but is it a faltering recovery? We seem to have so many problems at the moment holding back recovery from the HGV driver shortage through to rising gas prices. Obviously, energy to keep warm in winter and food should be our priorities. If Christmas is cancelled, it is no great hardship as long as we have somewhere to live, warmth and food to eat.

a faltering recovery

Winter and the changing of the seasons. #ramble

It’s Sunday morning again and so I’ll share my thoughts with you. I’ve finally made the decision to end this website in January. I might keep the domain name but there are too few readers now to warrant keeping the website. I can at least post through Christmas! So what’s on my mind this week besides the shortage of doctors, nurses, lorry drivers, farm workers and a gas price that has gone trough the roof? Being British I am thinking about the weather and the changing seasons. I think we might get a little sunshine today and so I’ll go out and take a few photos and add to my albums and archive.


Prepare for winter #financefriday

We are all concerned about our financial futures now with rising energy prices and even our food supplies under threat. I’ve been buying for Christmas for a while, not that I enter into the competition to see who can spend most on presents. Buying gifts is about buying appropriate gifts that show we care about our family and friends. With difficult times ahead we need to care about ourselves and manage our money wisely. I know a few people on Universal Credit who will be worse off this winter and will struggle with higher energy costs. Everyone needs to prepare for winter.

prepare for winter

White balance and other settings #photography

When we take photographs we are capturing light reflected off our subject. If you shine blue light on a white card the card will appear blue. A grey sky will similarly make everything look a little grey, so on a DSLR you can set your white balance to cloudy to compensate. That can make all the difference to a photograph. I have found from experience that taking photographs under fluorescent light can be problematic and so it is important to set the white balance. Sometimes it is better to set the white balance on “auto” under some forms of fluorescent light too.

white balance

Rising cases and the vaccination centre #ramble

It’s Sunday morning, so as usual I’ll share my thoughts with you. Bozo Johnson’s quote of the week, “Never mind life expectancy, never mind cancer outcomes; look at wage growth.” is about as crass as his “let the bodies pile high” quote. He really doesn’t care about people. He puts money first like all Tories. With the conferences beginning I don’t have much confidence in the opposition under Keir Starmer, he always sounds like a prosecuting barrister. We never seem to hear an original idea from him.


Fuel shortages and rising prices #FinanceFriday

Some filling stations are still complaining that fuel is still in short supply. A select committee heard how energy supplies are in crisis with soaring gas prices this week too. The furlough scheme is coming to an end and the hospitality industry has to increase VAT to 12.5% on pub and restaurant meals. Shortages and rising prices could mean a tough winter ahead…

rising prices