Rising cases and the vaccination centre #ramble

It’s Sunday morning, so as usual I’ll share my thoughts with you. Bozo Johnson’s quote of the week, “Never mind life expectancy, never mind cancer outcomes; look at wage growth.” is about as crass as his “let the bodies pile high” quote. He really doesn’t care about people. He puts money first like all Tories. With the conferences beginning I don’t have much confidence in the opposition under Keir Starmer, he always sounds like a prosecuting barrister. We never seem to hear an original idea from him.


Fuel shortages and rising prices #FinanceFriday

Some filling stations are still complaining that fuel is still in short supply. A select committee heard how energy supplies are in crisis with soaring gas prices this week too. The furlough scheme is coming to an end and the hospitality industry has to increase VAT to 12.5% on pub and restaurant meals. Shortages and rising prices could mean a tough winter ahead…

rising prices

Keeping the camera level. #photography

There are a few basic problems when you’re taking pictures. You need to keep the camera still or you might get blurred images. Standing with feet apart, perhaps with one in front of the other can help make you more stable and prevent movement. Camera shake can be eliminated with a fast shutter speed especially when zooming in. Keeping the camera level is another problem we have to be aware of. The camera can be moved up and down and it can moved sideways. Sideways movement can mean our image won’t level.


How to make a crisis even worse! #Sunday ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so as always, I’ll share my thoughts with you. How do you make a crisis even worse? You create a fuel crisis with disinformation. I blame BP, they are losing sales because the transport company that does their deliveries doesn’t have enough drivers. They should increase pay and get better organised! I assume the petrol station running out are the ones farthest away from the depot where the fuel come from? Maybe name those places so that long distance travellers can fill up somewhere else? There must be a solution to the problem. The industry as a whole could even put the price up for a couple of weeks. If demand outstrips supply that is the usual thing to do. Creating panic is not the thing to do. One thing this pandemic should have taught us is that people are selfish and people are stupid.

make a crisis even worse

Investing your pandemic savings #financefriday

Have you saved money through the pandemic because you haven’t been going out? That money could be invested to increase your discretionary income. Disposable income is that income left after paying your tax and national insurance. Discretionary income is the income you have left after paying for all the essentials like housing, food and energy bills. Discretionary income is the income you have left to enjoy life! If you can add investment income to your discretionary income, you can enjoy life so much more. You can give yourself an investment income by investing your pandemic savings.

investing your pandemic savings

Looking for an unusual shot #photography

It’s been another boring week as far as photography is concerned. The weather was very changeable. Hopefully next year, there will be more events to go to. I’ve been using my photos from previous years and digging around in my archive. I have been quite prolific as a photographer so I have a lot to choose from. I like to find a photo from the archive and have another go at editing. My editing has improved a lot since I took those early shots. ThisĀ  is an unusual shot looking down from a bridge at the River Tame in Sandwell Valley.

an usual shot

Let the bodies pile high #Sundayramble

Regular readers will know that I share my thought with you on a Sunday morning and just ramble. What’s on my mind this week? My health mainly. I’m getting on now and have the usual aches and pains as well as long-term medical problems. I requested some medication a couple of weeks ago and despite answering questions from a nosey receptionist the medication wasn’t sent. I tried calling them this week and I was 9th in the queue which meant at least a 2 hour wait hanging on. I gave up.

 let the bodies pile high

Rising prices and other worries. #Financefriday

As we go into Autumn, we see inflation at 3.5% in the UK and a recovery that is much slower than expected. Investment income is likely to be lower than the rate of inflation so we won’t be getting a real return on our investments. Some stocks look cheap but they are only worth buying if those companies can actually recover from their covid related problems and get back to normal. Many people are still shunning the entertainment sector and staying home. I expect to see rising prices in pubs and the entire leisure sector over the coming months.

rising prices

How to enjoy taking pictures. #photography

Whether you take pictures with you phone just for a record of your life or you buy a DSLR and become a photographer, you can get some enjoyment out of it. You can wander around recording what is there, looking for interesting shots and maybe even inspiring others. I recently saw a photograph, I think it may have been taken in Downing street. It was of a room and someone had left a Henry vacuum cleaner in the corner of the room. My vacuum was hopeless so I did a bit of research into the Henry vacuum and then a advert came up on Facebook with that same vacuum cleaner on special offer. What a coincidence! I enjoy taking pictures so I might take a picture of my new vacuum cleaner today. That will set a pictorial record of this day in my life.

Fruit and veg

Is it safe to go to events now? #Sundayramble

If you’re new to my blog, I share my thoughts with you on a Sunday morning. Well, my website is working again and so I’m pleased about that! It’s quite a clean design but I’m not 100% happy with it. I wish I could use the empty space at the sides of the text. Anyway, the weather here in the Black Country is unsettled and we could get showers today. I might venture out with my camera. I’ve hardly taken any pictures this year. I’ve had constant problems with the pandemic keeping me away from events. Anyway, is it safe to go to events now?

Anyway, is it safe to go to events now?