Keep the faith #financefriday

In times of trouble some investors sell and buy into gold or something less risky and others keep the faith and hold waiting for the economy to recover. It  is difficult for small investors to invest in gold and property but these days bullion dealers do sell one gram gold bars and at certain times they are a good investment. The price has been dropping for some time and now might be a good time to buy. I think the price could go a little lower, however.

keep the faith

Blogging and photography #ramble

I’ve been struggling to get this website the way it used to be before it was hacked! Anyway, I’ll share my thoughts with you, as I usually do on Sunday, even though it’s only Thursday! Tomorrow, I’ll write a finance post although not much is happening in the finance world except for a rights issue by Easyjet! I had to use a different theme for my website so it looks quite different and I have to keep checking the mobile version in case there are errors there too. This is a blogging and photography site so I try for a suitable theme.