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It snowed yesterday but that’s no reason for me to feel depressed. I saw it as a photo opportunity. Even after it had stopped and it was dark the light reflected off the snow to give me a good photograph.

I have read two articles this morning. The one was very positive and told the story of a retired lady who makes a nice little income playing the stock market. The article advised using a practice account using ‘virtual’ money before risking real  money. It’s hardly a ‘get rich scheme’ but worth thinking about.

The other article had three ‘simple’ ideas to help you get richer. The first was to ‘avoid the too good to be true’ ideas. The second was ‘live within you means now’ and the third was ‘buy bank products separately’ rather than a bundled deal. I don’t like bundled deals but they are a fact of life now. My car insurance is bundled with home insurance and breakdown cover, the gas is bundled with electricity and the phone is bundled with a call plan and broadband. I agree that we should live within our means but that article had credit card advertisements on the same page! The avoid those ‘too good to be true’ ideas is sound on the face of it, but our dreams can often see too ‘good to be true’.  We should still chase the seemingly impossible.

This is my second blog on this site and I wasn’t put off by all the problems of starting  a new dot com. I still haven’t finished configuring it, I have to add more plugins to submit to the search engines. I’m using a program to write this and it’s driving me nuts because it won’t let me use the size of font that I want! We can’t be deterred by minor problems. The email for the site isn’t working yet either. The easiest way to solve problems or achieve anything is one small step at a time. One friend said I had ‘bitten off more than I could chew’ doing this but I am getting there slowly.

We have to think positively even when things don’t look so good and chase the dream even when it looks difficult. It is unwise to procrastinate, don’t put things off but try not to take on large tasks if you can take on a series of small tasks instead.

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