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I’ve used another moon picture to start today’s blog. On a Sunday, I either use a guest blog or I just ramble on about whatever is on my mind. Today I wrote my 600th blog on WordPress and I think that’s an achievement. It took over 2 years.

I have written about lots of different things. The photography also seems popular and I hope to add some photographs to my collection today. The light for photography is good, but at this time of year you need to get out there quite early, the day will be short. I have sunshine and a blue sky at the moment.

Psychology has also been a popular topic. I usually write a psychology blog on a Monday and have covered subjects like anxiety and depression, but also more serious problems like psychopathic tendencies.

I also write about writing on a Wednesday, with blogs on writing fiction and even how to write job applications. I try to write my blogs in a style that is easy to read. I use plain English, words that in everyday use, because I don’t expect my readers to have a dictionary handy.

On a Thursday, I try to write about saving money or finance and although I have investments, I think many of my readers are perhaps struggling with finance and even if they are interested in investments need to save money and understand how to manage money better. If you don’t save money, how can you invest it? We aren’t all born with a silver spoon in our mouths!

On Friday, the financial theme continues with more financial information and ideas. I try to give the Friday blog more of a frugal theme and look for ideas to save money rather than just shopping around.

Then on Saturday, I do a review of the week’s blogs. I can write what I want to on Sunday and just ramble on about whatever is on my mind!

If you’re writing an academic paper, then it needs to be written in an academic style, business letters need to be written in a formal style and blogs need to be written in a suitable style also. I try to make my blogs relaxed and if I’m writing about a complex subject; I try to lead the reader through the information and make it easy to understand. I try to do a conclusion at the end and anything the reader might not have understood, I go over again. I paraphrase it, use different wording to try to be sure that the reader understands, what I was trying to say. What is the point of writing a message, unless the message is clearly understood?

My friends sometimes ask me to write letters for them or give them an example of how something should be written. That’s when my writing is really appreciated, otherwise people take it for granted. We all take what we read for granted, we only notice the writing when it’s either very good or very bad!

If you have ideas, that you want to express, try to write a article and if you think it’s good, send it to be published on a zillion ideas. I’ll read it and edit it and try to make it worth publishing. You’ll be a published writer if it is used!

I also write for other websites and publications. I don’t have time for many guest  blogs, but I am interested in doing a weekly feature, perhaps for a magazine. I would be really pleased if I could write something irreverent, sarcastic and facetious; then manage to sell the copyright once a week.  I also write fiction and I will be publishing a short story for Christmas on this site. Readers will be able to download that before Christmas and it is a funny story!

Please comment if you have something to say, I enjoy the interaction that comments give.

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