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Bokeh and other blurred things #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I share my thoughts with readers. Today, I have bokeh on my mind. What’s that? I think it’s Japanese for blur; anyway, it’s what photographers call the blur in some wide aperture photos like the one below. I want to get sharp portraits with blur in the background. I also want to be able to take better photos under fluorescent lights so I ordered a special filter.  In fact, I ordered a set for my 35mm prime lens and another set for my 18 to 105mm lens. At least I didn’t buy a new camera or a lens. I have some self-control; not enough to resist buying a light meter, though.



I need to win the lottery and it is a massive rollover on Wednesday. I don’t usually buy a ticket for Wednesday, but I renewed my lottery for Saturday and there was two quid left in the account so I bought a ticket for Wednesday. I also won a lucky dip. Imagine the camera I would buy if I won that jackpot! Imagine the lenses? I would get some bokeh with that sort of kit!

New car?

I suppose I would have a new car if I won the lottery, but how safe are they these days? They are much lighter to save on fuel, but they seem to end up on their roofs with what used to be minor accidents. Why? I suspect the speed humps and kerbs protruding out into the road have something to do with cars turning over all the time. I might just keep my old car, at least it stays the right way up.


My whole life is a bit of a bokeh, I don’t like looking back. I try to look forward and plan the future. I’ve become a community volunteer, apparently a community champion. We have snow champions where I live! No, I won’t be doing that, I need to keep warm. I will be taking photos when they switch on the Christmas lights this year, that’s as close to freezing to death that I intend to get. Before we get to Christmas and the cold chill of winter, I must have my eyes tested. I’m getting old and it’s a constant battle to keep everything working.

Life’s course

“When we set goals we rarely achieve them but we at least have an idea of where we want to go in life and then we can change course as we need to avoid life’s obstacles.” That was the advice I gave a few moments ago to a graduate, thousands of miles away. Yes, I’m multitasking again. It is amazing what we can do with technology these days. Some people even do live broadcasts using their cell phones. My friend did one when she had to walk home alone through a dark and lonely university campus. You can virtually record your life with a decent phone these days. They aren’t very good at getting sharp pictures with bokeh, though. I could get a wi-fi  adapter for my camera but I can wait until I get home to share my pictures with the world.

So that’s what’s on my mind this Sunday morning. I expect that is as clear as the bokeh in the background of some of my pictures. I do open an aperture on my mind each Sunday morning and let you in, though. There are no guarantees about what you might find in there!

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