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Boris the brainwasher? #ramble

It has been suggested to me that the reason many men are refusing to wear face masks is male pride. They seem to be claiming it is because they feel they are being controlled. By whom and to what purpose, we might ask. I assume they mean the government led by bumbling Boris. Not long ago these macho males were cheering him on as he tried to “get Brexit done”. That debacle still lingers and once again Boris breaks the law to try to get his own way. Is he capable of mind control? Well, brainwashing does rely on constant repetition of the same message. We have seen that in the phrases “Get Brexit done” and the government messages related to “protect the NHS”. That is the standard for getting a message to sink in but does Boris take it a step further? Is Boris, Boris the brainwasher?

Boris the brainwasher

Conservation zone

Yesterday they announced that we would get 1.8  Million to improve our conservation zone. I posted a link to the newspaper article and the response from the public was, as usual, quite negative. We won’t be putting the flags out. The conservation zone is the heart of the town and if we get that done and a bustling market again then the rest of the town, benefiting from the increased footfall, might be willing to invest in their shops. It needs to be done in a sympathetic way and so preserve and enhance the traditional feel of the town. It also needs to preserve some of the modern innovations like disabled parking and taxi ranks. I’ll try to photograph it this afternoon and record the changes.


I’ll be out this afternoon taking photos. The weather doesn’t look too bad, it’s just a little chilly. Boris the brainwasher won’t stop me enjoying my little outings. I think I’ll try to get close-up photos of individual businesses to show their potential as well as the problems. I think we are headed for another lockdown but for now, I just have to get out there and be careful. I’ll take a mask with me but I don’t really need it outside. I think there is a cool breeze today to blow away the germs!

Boris the brainwasher

Anyway, the national brainwashing doesn’t appear to be working as people are flouting the guidance which is of course not guidance but the law. Imagine if they walked out of the supermarket without paying for their beer, security would soon act. They police the law pertaining to theft but not to the law pertaining to Covid compliance! Boris the brainwasher needs to bin the term guidance and make it clear that the regulations are actually the law with £100 fines for breaking the law. Boris isn’t too hot on compliance himself though, having prorogued parliament unlawfully and now he is planning on breaking international law in order to realise his dream and “get Brexit done”.  To be fair on Boris the brainwasher, his slogans haven’t really been as successful as “exceedingly good cakes”. As for his chief advisor Cummins, he “should have gone to Specsavers!”

Know what I mean?

That’s all for this week. I’ll be sharing my thoughts with you again next Sunday. There will be more posts in the meantime and the usual photography post on Tuesday. Stay safe and be careful not to repeat any of those brainwashing slogans. At the end of the day, know what I mean?



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