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Breath-taking Black and White Bedrooms

Minimalist Style

via Zillow Digs

Via: Zillow Digs

A featured article by Jane Blanchard

Sometimes it’s the simple things in life that make the biggest impact, and I can’t help but feel like that rings true all the time with interior design. Black and white bedrooms, for example, are stunning, stylish, and classic, ranging from minimalist to opulent. Thinking of redecorating? Check out this round-up of five inspiring black-and-white bedrooms.

Simple does not have to mean boring. This minimalist bedroom uses a distinctive round bed to take the focus of the room. Instead of feeling dark and oppressive, this bedroom seems open and airy. Sheer curtains let in light to maintain the brightness of this chamber. The open design and use of white on the ceiling and walls contribute to the appearance of more space in the room.

Primed for Patterns

Traditional Family Room by Minneapolis Interior Designers & Decorators Fiddlehead Design Group, LLC

If you love patterns and playing with prints, you don’t have to choose only one for your bedroom. This room effectively combines an eclectic collection of black and white prints to produce a flowing look. From a cow-print ottoman to wallpaper in two different designs, this room’s designer is not afraid to be bold, and you shouldn’t either when decorating your bedroom. If you love prints, go wild. This room ties neatly together because everything in it is black and white, so at first glance, everything seems to fit. Upon closer inspection is when you really see how unique this room really is.

Be Bold with Black

Eclectic Bedroom by Beverly Hills Interior Designers & Decorators Tracy Murdock Allied ASID

Never fear dark, bold colors in a bedroom. If you properly use white as an accent, you can create a room that is sophisticated and stunning, like this bedroom with black walls and black curtains around the bed. White used in the edging on the bed curtains, bed linens and as accents on the walls helps to offset the stark feeling a solid black room would create.

Walls Don’t Have to be White

Contemporary Bedroom by Seattle Interior Designers & Decorators NB Design Group, Inc

In a black and white bedroom, the walls are not required to be solid black or white. Consider printed wall coverings that incorporate both black and white. This hotel suite’s bedroom uses a bold black headboard to match the solid black lampshades on night tables flanking the bed. This cohesive line across the top of the bed contrasts well with the white bed coverings and blends in with the printed wallpaper. Try a printed wall covering in your own home if you have a black bed and need some inspiration for the walls of your bedroom.

Reflect on Your Bedroom

Regardless of the accents you choose, in some cases, black walls can still feel oppressive. Bring a little light onto the subject by effectively using mirrors to reflect the room’s existing light back away from the walls. In this bedroom, a pair of mirrors make the room look brighter because one of those mirrors reflects natural light from the window. Aside from the white bed, everything else in the room is black. The mirrors and gold picture frames help to add just enough lightness to the room without changing the color scheme. You can do the same in your own home. If you have a wall that is painted with a solid color, offset it with mirrors or other wall hangings.

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