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Can the Brexit disaster get any worse? #politics

The stock market took another hit this week as some kind of deal appeared to have been stuck between the government and the European community. This really is a Brexit disaster from start to finish. David Cameron negotiated on the wrong issues. We do want to run our own affairs, but not everything. We are happy with the EU regulating our medicines, for example. It is efficient for one agency to regulate the whole of Europe and it gives us safe medicines. However, some things are primarily of British concern and the EU Commission recognised that and so promised subsidiarity.

 Brexit disaster

Brexit disaster

Subsidiarity: the principle that a central authority should have a subsidiary function, performing only those tasks which cannot be performed at a more local level.

“the Maastricht Treaty reasserts the rights of member nation states through the subsidiarity principle”

David Cameron should have insisted that the UK does have a right to govern itself and that the European Parliament and Commission have a subsidiary function. The UK government is not a subsidiary of the European Parliament, the reverse is true.

The Brexit disaster means we will now have to regulate our own medicines at a high cost. We will have to do our own research into what is safe not only in the pharmacy but in the factory and in the office and on the farm. We will stand alone when it comes to intelligence and international policing. The Brexit disaster isn’t all about money and trade, although losing Europe as a trading partner is going to be another aspect of the Brexit disaster.

Jacob Rees-Mogg made statements to the press yesterday challenging the Prime Minister but one statement stood out for me when he was talking to reporters. Turning to one, in particular, he said something like, “The Telegraph, we must have the Telegraph”. He was favouring the Daily Telegraph, that right-wing publication that is often referred to as the Torygraph. That is just one problem, the Tory control of the press and the way they get to write for these newspapers when they have little writing ability. The Telegraph and the Daily Mail made the Brexit disaster possible. They printed the lies and half-truths about leaving the EU and ignored the opinions of the bankers, scientists and the civil service. Worse of all, they didn’t check any facts they just became the leave-campaign.

There are many problems with the EU both with the implementation of subsidiarity and with the Lisbon treaty but they can be fixed but only if we remain a sovereign nation and part of the European Union. Free movement is also an issue that affected not only the UK but other member states who want the problem fixed just as much as the UK.

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