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Brexit, what are their hidden motives? #politics

We know what Johnson and Rees-Mogg want. They want to turn Britain into an off-shore tax haven and cut taxes for the rich. What taxes will they put up to pay for their tax cut? What are their hidden motives? Well, Johnson has recently said that 60 billion pounds is cheap for HS2. The Tories in favour of public transport? What’s going on? We know that the roads are congested and I have a theory.

hidden motives

Motoring taxes

Wouldn’t it suit the Tories to price ordinary motorists off the roads and force them onto public transport? That would explain their enthusiasm for HS2 and explain where the money is coming from for their higher-rate taxpayer tax cuts. The working class Brexiteers think it’s about controlling immigration and all the time they are voting for higher taxes and compulsory public transport!


We can also ask why Labour supports HS2 despite its huge cost. Jeremy Corbyn is on record as saying he wants to nationalise the railways and that together with the cost of HS2 would mean a huge money printing exercise which would be contrary to the Lisbon Treaty with the EU. We know his hidden motive but what will happen when he’s older and can no longer use public transport?  Will he, like the Tories, favour a chauffeur-driven limousine? Maybe he also favours driving the working classes off the roads with higher motoring taxes. However, with Tom Watson in the ascendency in leadership terms, his days might be numbered as the Labour leader.

Hidden motives

I always look for hidden motives. People aren’t always as they seem. Things aren’t always as they seem. Money and power are powerful drivers of ambition and so too is blind idealism.


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