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Bright colours #photography


A featured post by Mike Maynard (editor).

At carnivals there are lots of bright colours and they break up the greens and blues of grass and water. I try to focus on the fairground rides and other brightly coloured attractions. Even people dressed in bright colours add interest.

Bright colours


The bright colours of this burger bar are meant to attract attention and stand out. Your photograph will stand out too, if you zoom in close. I was quite close to this one and so I used a wide aperture and in editing added contrast, because it was a little cloudy and so I made the image brighter.


The green of the grass can dominate a picture, but in this image it’s broken up by the bright colours of the background. The same often applies to pictures of boat shows where the narrow-boats are brightly coloured.


This shot was very dark and so I made it lighter and got an interesting and effect with bright colours in the background. I added a lot of contrast to this picture too.


At Tipton Carnival I had lots of colourful shots to choose from and the sun did come out quite often. The weather does dictate what I can do at this time of year. I’m hoping summer weather will give us more sunshine soon. The midday sun can be a little harsh, but you can correct some pictures in editing. Harsh light isn’t so bad when there are bright colours to include in the shot. Later in the day for the last hour or two is a better time for rural landscapes. You get a warmer light in the evening, but long shadows, so timing is quite important. For a competition shot, deciding on the shot in advance and then timing it just right can give you that winning entry. Bright colours aren’t always good for competition, but if your landscape shot is a really picturesque river or canal landscape then a  brightly coloured boat in the shot can break up the natural colours and add interest.

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