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Bucket list – add and cross off #ramble #culturematters

I can see my three score years and ten drawing closer and so these days I add to my bucket list and cross things off the list that I have done. I still have a life to lead before I kick it and fully intend to enjoy it. I bought things for Christmas yesterday. I have a restricted diet but I have still bought a few delights to satisfy those deprived taste buds at Christmas. My dietary deprivation will make them taste all the better. I shall be scoffing dairy-free chocolate on Christmas day and having jammy dodgers with my morning tea. Other people have climbing mountains and deep-sea diving on their bucket lists. I have simpler things.

Art on my bucket list

Art on my bucket list

We only live once and so I have art on my bucket list. I’m not quite sure what I’m trying to create but I’ll know it when I see it. I want art that local people will understand and will connect to. I don’t want them to feel it is out of their league or too avant-garde. I want art that communicates with everyone. I know, it isn’t easy  –  I want that challenge.  The town I live in is disappearing off the map. I want images that put it firmly back on the map as well as the rest of the Black Country. They can’t destroy our history and heritage but they do try. There are those that deny that a warrior princess once ruled this Mercian Kingdom. That warrior spirit lives on and with it, our Black Country identity lives on. Perhaps the art of creating images can sustain that proud heritage?


By the time you read this, I’ll be out in the freezing cold photographing the remembrance parade. I have to rush home and select the best photos and send them to the local newspaper. It isn’t just a matter of pointing my camera at the parade. I think about which lens to use and I will do a lens change in my car. My fingers go numb in the cold too, so I have to think how to keep my hands warm. Getting good shots in low light is a challenge too but I think I have that covered this year. There was a lot of photographers last year but I still got my picture in the Express and Star newspaper. I hope to get one or two pictures for my art project as well. If I can get one good enough for an exhibition next summer that would be an item to cross off my bucket list.


Life needs to be a challenge. Not the sort of challenge where you struggle to make ends meet but the sort of challenge where you get to feel a sense of achievement when you cross an item off your bucket list. The satisfaction of being able to say to yourself, I did it. Life is always challenging for me because of ill-health, just managing the walk back to my car is sometimes a struggle and I breathe a sigh of relief when I get there. That is a necessity, I prefer challenges that are a luxury. I suppose art is a bit of a luxury. It is costing me a lot of money for the camera equipment to do it, and I’ll have printing costs as well. It will be worth it, because culture matters…

That’s it for this week. If you would like to follow my blog and see what other things I add to my bucket list just enter your email address at the top of the sidebar. For the Facebook troll, who I expect to read this, I would say, just live your life and start your own bucket list. You only live once. Try punching above your weight, you might like it.

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