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Bulk buying and other strategies

Some warehouses allow the public in and bulk buying can save you money. Asian supermarkets will often give you a discount on bulk buying as well. You can also do a bit of bulk buying when there is a promotion such as buying half a dozen T shirts for the summer when there is a promotion. The 2 for £6 and 3 for £10 offers in Asda can save you money and although it isn’t exactly bulk buying it is the same principle.

thrifty bulk buying

Bulk buying beer

I find lots of places do bulk discounts on cans of beer and multiple bottles of wine. I saved a fiver yesterday on a 24 pack of canned beer. Watch out for discounts in places that sell to the trade as well as retailers. I got mine from an Asian supermarket that supplies the restaurants and takeaways.

Canned Food

You can always find somewhere to store canned food even when your food cupboard is full. So watch out for offers. Food prices have been increasing recently and so you can save in two ways, both on the bulk buy and on beating the price rise. The downside is when you go to restock you really notice the price rises!

Fresh and frozen

Buying fresh food and then freezing it is better than buying frozen food in some cases. Fresh-frozen chicken and turkey are better for example. You can also freeze your own vegetables. Do lots of vegetables for stew and freeze some as a frozen stew pack for next time. You can also freeze runner beans and vegetables from the garden. You will find frozen food in discount supermarkets and it is always worth having frozen peas in your freezer but I do find that space is limited and so I mostly store meat in my freezer.

Doubling up

If you’re careful you can buy double the amount of food that you normally buy and make it last for two weeks. This saves on time and on the fuel cost of getting to the supermarket. Most fresh food won’t last but if it is stored well it might just about survive the two weeks. I buy bananas while they are still green and stock up my freezer for the two weeks. I’ll also use more canned  food if I am going to skip a week without shopping. Root vegetables will usually last the two weeks if you keep them in a cool dark place.

On offer

I’ll buy just about anything that is on special offer if I’m sure I’ll use it. I opened a cupboard once that was full of washing up liquid and my sister asked if I was expecting a shortage! Even consumables for the car like wash and wax can be on special offer and I have bought 5-litre containers of that in the past.

The maths

It isn’t unusual for me to save 20% or more on a purchase and so if I buy £1000 worth of goods I get them for £800. I can save the £200 difference or I can buy more goods. In other words, when I spend £800, I get 25% more for my money! Some of the money I spend comes from savings and investments so being thrifty and frugal gives me a much higher standard of living than I would otherwise have. I also get involved in art and my recent contribution to the local art exhibition cost me £60. It  didn’t really! I got a discount on the printing and it only cost me £12. If you want to buy my picture it’s £500. You can negotiate a discount!

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