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Buying the image

Like it or not, we all have an image and most people care about their image. It makes us dress smarter for a night out or to the office and influences many of the purchases that we make. The marketing departments of successful companies know this. Do we need to spend a lot of money pandering to our own vanity? Do we need a posh home? Do we need the decorations and Christmas tree at Christmas? Do we need posh clothing? Do we need all the adornments?


I was buying some pens in Poundland the other day when a woman told me her son wanted a Parker pen. Poundland pens were obviously not good enough. I own a Parker pen and as a writer I want a decent pen that glides over the page. I’m using a 5 for a pound, Poundland pen! No doubt for some people a Parker pen will go nicely with the Iphone, the designer clothes and the late model car. How often do people see your pen though or notice what phone you have? Maybe, you can present an image in a more economical way.

Going Out

I am going out tonight and I do intend to wear something different. The jeans I’m wearing now were 4 pairs for £10 in a sale at Asda. I think I can manage something a little smarter for tonight. My clothes will be noticeable. I don’t think anyone will notice my pen or my phone. I don’t think my 16 year old car will have a big impact either. I suppose someone might notice whether my shoes are clean. Women might worry a little about their hair and make-up as well as their clothes, but even that can be overdone.

Home, sweet home

Our image extends to our home too. Is it really necessary to have it like a mansion? Do we really need a bigger television set than our friends? I often wonder about people. I spend money having my eyes tested and transition lenses in my glasses while they’re spending their money on 42 inch televisions and squint to see the text…


Christmas seems to be a time when image and fitting in to a social group seems to more important than ever. People will actually borrow money to buy luxuries to impress their friends. Everything from Ferrero Rocher to Dom Perignon flies off the supermarket shelves. If you have ever sat in a pub garden on a sunny afternoon enjoying half a bitter because you were really thirsty; you will know it tastes far better than the Dom Perignon you tried when you were nervously trying to impress your friends.  Keeping up with the Joneses can be very expensive at Christmas. There is not just handing out drinks to consider, but answering difficult questions; like what you had for Christmas lunch. Even buying presents can be a very competitive business. Is it human nature to be so competitive or are we brainwashed into it by the media?

Impressive on a budget

Can you have a good image without spending too much money? Can you be impressive on a budget? Having good taste can impress people. A work of art or a collector’s item doesn’t have to cost a fortune as a Christmas present, but can be very impressive. I’ve had a canvas printed of one of my pictures as a present this Christmas and I do have some collector’s items in case I need a present for someone that I have forgotten. Clothes can be impressive too if you choose carefully and you don’t need to spend a fortune. Small accessories like jewellery can be noticeable, but  again good taste impresses more. Quality rather than quantity. Being a little Avant Garde can impress too, creating the trend rather than following the latest trend.

Will you be trying to keep up with the Joneses this Christmas? Do you borrow money to do so? Or do you prefer a quiet, but affordable Christmas? Please share your views in the comments box. You can also follow me on Twitter.

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