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Which camera is the best? #photography

I have been involved in a little debate on Facebook regarding which camera is the best. The answer, of course, is they all take photos and you choose one according to your needs. If you need one that will fit in your pocket, buy a pocket camera. If you want to take photographs professionally then buy a professional camera! There are an array of cameras available.


Taking a great shot

I think the above shot is a great shot and the sort of shot you can do with virtually any camera. I waited for just the right light in the late afternoon, positioned myself to get the road going away from me for depth and got the pub and church in, which are both listed buildings. You will probably get less contrast with a cheaper camera but you can fix that with a simple edit. Windows Live Photo Gallery is free and does basic editing. If you are viewing your pictures on a computer then they will be displayed at 72 dpi (dots per inch). If you have them printed then they print at 300 dpi and the definition of this picture is much sharper on the printed version.


Lots of cameras don’t have viewfinders now and that is a big disadvantage. With a viewfinder, the camera is closer to your body and so more stable. Holding a camera out in front of you makes it unstable and likely to move slightly and so produce blur.


The sensors on more expensive cameras are bigger. On full frame cameras that are really expensive the sensors are big and so you can take photos in low light and they also have better definition. Again you notice a difference if you print at 300 dpi. If your photos aren’t going to be printed then a full frame camera isn’t an advantage. A half frame camera like the Nikon DX series is great for taking photos for the internet and the quality is good enough for newspapers. I would only buy a full frame camera for glossy magazine photos or art prints.


If you are just taking snaps then a bridge camera is great. They produce good quality pictures suitable for the computer screen or the internet. Many pictures I have taken with my bridge camera are as good as the ones I have taken with a DSLR when viewed on a computer screen. I bought a Nikon D3200 because it gives me more control and I can create high-quality pictures which have been used by a newspaper. I can change the settings easily for low light and select different settings easily for white balance. Colour balance is easier to get right too. I can also shoot HD video.

DSLR versus smart camera

Some DSLR owners have changed to smart cameras and they have similar sensors. Smart cameras are lighter, more portable and fashionable. They produce the same quality as high-end smartphones but given the choice I would prefer a high-end smartphone like the Samsung S7 or the iPhone. Smartphones and cameras don’t produce shots as sharp as a DSLR but the softer shots look good on computer screens. For a camera that is robust with a big choice of lenses, filters and other accessories most people would choose a DSLR from a major manufacturer like Nikon or Canon.

Which camera?

I use my Nikon D3200 for landscapes, events and now for artistic prints and so when I was deciding on a new camera I went for versatility. It is also a challenge because I can choose different settings to produce increasingly better pictures. I took a portrait this week at F 1.8 which is really wide and the image was sharp but noisy. I think the noise was because of low light, noise reduction was turned on and so all my settings were right for the shot but it was incandescent light and so not very good light. I learnt something and next time I’ll get my subject closer to the light or use a flash.  For a great photo, you really need great light!

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