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Can dreams come true?

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I have known people who make a living as ‘visionaries’ and claim to be able to dream about the future. We do seem to dream about the past, present and future.  There must be a reason for these dreams. Can we dream about the future or are they, as some psychologists suggest, dreams that are our subconscious guesses of what the future might bring. It all sounds very spooky to me.

I’ve always had weird dreams. I rarely watch television and I dreamt that I was watching television in my living room. I can’t really imagine going in there to watch television. I spend most of my time in the kitchen unless I have guests and I watch television in bed! What was this dream trying to tell me? It did seem very realistic and according to those ‘visionaries’ that’s a sure sign that it’s going to come true.

I tried to imagine, why I would go into my living room specially to watch something on television when I can  switch the one on in the kitchen just as easily. Ah, what if the television in the kitchen wasn’t working? I might use the other one then, especially if there was something I really wanted to watch; like the lottery draw! I suppose I could start saving up for a new television for the kitchen, just in case…

Psychologists say we dream about the past to help us cope if the same events happen again; sort of like learning from experience. I suppose that makes sense, sort of. We could dream about the present for the same reason, but I often dream about the same things, but the dream alters a little. Am I dreaming all the possible scenarios?

The brain works much faster when we are dreaming, so a dream that seems to last hours is only seconds. That is why our eyes move so fast when we’re dreaming in REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. I suppose we could work things out better if our thought processes are on steroids for a while; our imaginations running riot, trying to predict what’s going to happen to us next.

It’s a shame that I never dream of race horses winning races or anything useful like that. They do say that some people dream about winning horses though, that would be a useful talent to have. It would be even better is I could dream the winning lottery numbers.

They do say that weird deja vu feelings of having been here before are related to dreams. You dream something and then relive it in real life. That is spooky and I do occasionally get weird deja vu feelings.  There are people that believe in all this stuff and more. They believe in ghosts switching lights on and off when no one is looking, just to wind us up. Imagine believing that invisible dead people are lurking and watching our every move. Then there are those people who believe in aliens. I remember someone who could smell chicken soup in the early hours of the morning and thought it was aliens in their kitchen. I know, that is really spooky.

What do you think, can dreams come true? I suppose they can if you work hard at finding success. Over the other side of the pond, they call it the American dream; it does come true for about 5% of the population.

Have you ever wondered why psychics never win the lottery? I wonder what happened to Mystic Meg? They took her off TV. I bet she didn’t see that coming…

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