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Canal thoughts #ramble


Canal boats

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I share my thoughts about my plans and life in general. The sun’s shining and so I intend to go out today and take photographs while there is less traffic. I think there might be narrowboats on the canal, they always make a good subject.


Nationalism seems to be on the rise as part of  discussions about leaving the European Community. You can always tell a ‘little England’ nationalist, they eat the hottest Indian curries and drink well-known German beers while texting with a phone made in Korea. They long for the days when Britain had an empire and men grafted down pit for a pittance. The canal reminds me of the reality of the hardships and squalor of the Industrial Revolution.


I think the canal could be used for tourism more. Let’s face it we don’t want tourists on our roads, they are jammed as it is. I would like to see more cafes on the sides of the canals and more places to moor. I am concerned about congestion on the roads. I think people should be encouraged to travel less. I am currently promoting a local event and many people will be encouraged to walk to it. The bigger event that attracted day-trippers from a wide area has been scrapped. Quite right too, let’s have lots of smaller events and reduce congestion. While we’re at it, can we ban one-day sales and such like? The Ikea sale has cars queuing on the motorway. Health and Safety isn’t just about officious rules. It is about protecting people from the stress and pollution of sitting on the motorway in traffic for an hour while waiting to go waste their money on Swedish crap. They need protecting from themselves, especially if they have weak bladders.

The Black Country

The canal is an enduring feature of the Black Country. Some of the most stylish homes now have a waterfront view over the ‘cut’. One of my options today is to go to Walsall Art gallery which overlooks the canal basin on the Walsall canal. There was a narrowboat negotiating the locks near there yesterday. I do have a shot in mind and I think some boats will be headed for the Netherton tunnel in the early afternoon. I’m at the stage now where I think quite a lot about my photography and actually plan the shots. I think I could be driving to a lot of places today. I hope Ikea doesn’t have a bloody sale, it is a Bank holiday weekend.


The photography compliments the writing that I do. Writing this may seem easy but my blogger readers know there is more to it. I have to make sure people can find it using Google. I have to compete with the newspaper websites and with magazines and many other online publishers. I have to write about something they don’t write about and use a keyword that potential readers might use. Today that keyword is ‘canal’ and so I started my title with the same word. I know, it is a crap title but it’s the best I can do. Some days the words just flow naturally, today isn’t one of them. People have short attention spans, though, so I’ve written enough!

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