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Cancel Christmas? #life

News this morning is that AstraZeneca has paused the phase three clinical trial of the Covid-19 vaccine candidate that it was developing in conjunction with the University of Oxford, in response to a possible unexplained illness in one of the participants. The unexplained illness could be just coincidence but this is a step back in the fight against Covid-19. Locally, we are now seeing more outbreaks of the virus in schools but they appear to be under control. The worry, which many people are expressing on social media, is that the children will go home and infect parents and grandparents who are more vulnerable to the virus. People are also asking if the spread of the virus will cancel Christmas this year. We probably won’t be allowed to visit each other’s homes and crowding into pubs could result in new widespread outbreaks.

Cancel Christmas

Out of lockdown

I came out of lockdown but I’m still quite isolated. I’m not going to socialise in pubs and I think most people of my age are doing the same. I still go out and take a few photographs on Sundays but it’s not the same as talking to people. I talked to my neighbour this week and keeping 2–metres apart was difficult. We are all feeling the effects of prolonged isolation. Will steps be taken to help people who are suffering from mental ill-health as a result of isolation? I doubt it very much. Mental health has always been a low priority and likely to stay so.

Cancel Christmas?

So for many of the communities most isolated and lonely people, we could effectively cancel Christmas. The usual Christmas parties and dinners might pose too much of a risk. Could an alternative be organized? Maybe people living alone could be contacted by telephone if an army of volunteers could be organised. Small gifts left on doorsteps might be another idea to help people feel less abandoned. I’ll be keeping warm and venturing out occasionally to take photographs. I will probably be experimenting with cooking meals as well. I have bought a PlayStation which will help keep me amused during the dark winter months and I’ll have another go at painting in watercolours. Maybe next year, the transmission of the virus will be much lower and we can allow visitors into our homes?


Children’s parties and events such as pantomimes will probably be cancelled and families will have to stay isolated in their own little bubbles. Visiting grandparents and extended family will be too much of a risk and could spread the virus. Will everyone adhere to the law and the guidelines? Judging by the stupid remarks on social media, I very much doubt it. The second wave of the virus could very well come at the end of December and through the new year.


The lack of guidance comes from a lack of leadership. There needs to be more leadership locally but who commands the respect and authority to do that these days? We all have to play our part and take responsibility for ourselves and our families.

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