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Capturing light with a full frame #photography

Photography is all about capturing light. In fact, the light reflected off things and people. I am developing my photography as an art and so I have recently upgraded to a full frame camera which gives me pixels that are approximately twice the size that they were on my D3200. I’m not quite ready to review my new camera but I’ll share some of my insights.

capturing light


This is the path leading to the Mill Pool in Hateley Heath, West Bromwich. The picture is made up of light and dark and the shadows give it the detail. You can see clearly that the light is coming from the right of the camera and highlighting one side of the trees and branches. This gives the picture form. The advantage of a full frame camera with a sensor twice the size of the D3200 is it captures the light from the shadows. The other great thing with the Nikon D750 is that I can shoot at higher ISO settings without seeing any noise in the images.

Capturing light

I’m capturing more light from the shadows and the ultraviolet seems to be filtered out more. I did some shots under fluorescent light on Saturday and most of the pictures were good but I think a FLD filter would help when photographing people.


Fluorescent light

This shot looks fine under fluorescent light. I simply set the ISO higher at 640. I should have set it a bit higher than that because the shutter speed was 1/40 on aperture priority. The image seems sharp enough and I can’t see any noise so the ISO wasn’t a problem.


I like the D750. I shoot a lot on aperture priority but I now have two thumb wheels which in manual mode gives me aperture on one thumb wheel and shutter speed on the other. At the press of a button, the thumb wheel sets the ISO. The focusing and metering are set in a similar way. This camera has automatic bracketing which means it will take a number of images at different exposures and then I can choose which one to use.

Tilting screen

It also has Wi-Fi to send pictures to my phone and a screen that tilts. I used the tilting screen on Sunday to get an awkward shot. It will be useful especially for shooting video. Overall I am pleased with the D750 and the addition of the 28 – 300mm lens make it a very useful piece of kit. I can also use my DX lenses. I think my 18 – 105mm lens would have been a better choice at the Mill Pool giving me a wider angle of view. Overall capturing light with the D750 is much easier than with my other cameras.

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