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Capturing the light #photography

HORSE AND JOCKEY - capturing the light

This is the Horse and Jockey in Darlaston. I was asked to photograph it after it had been repainted. It was winter and dark days, so I had to wait for some light. The best time when the sun was on it would be in the morning.

You can see in that first picture, that the sun is on the front of the building and the side of the building is in shadow. It’s not a bad photo, but I changed the setting on my camera to manual and took what I thought would be a ‘test’ photo, to see if I had judged the light correctly.


I also changed the angle and you can see the difference clearly, the photo is more defined and the colours are better. You can read the name of the pub easily and even the Marston’s sign. The white window frames stand out more against the cream walls.


I was using a wide aperture for these shots and this shot looks virtually identical, but the cream is a little lighter on this shot and the Marston’s sign is clearer. I like the clouds and the tree on this shot.


If you’ve ever played snooker or pool, you will know how the ball bounces off the cushions. Light bounces of surfaces in the same way, with the same angles. At this angle, I’ve lost the clouds and again it’s a good photo, but maybe it could be better? Notice the cream walls are now lighter, we are capturing light from a different angle.


I think this shot would be favoured by most people, but the light is not bouncing off the building at the right angle to give me that cream colour, but we can distinguish the white from the cream. We have different shades of cream, which one do you like best? I like all the images for different reasons and they can all be used for different purposes, such as advertising or a Facebook page. The object is to make the pub look inviting and help the viewer recognise it when they see it. Technically the best photos are the ones where you can read the Marston’s sign!

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