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Capturing the moment #photography

I went out for a while on Sunday afternoon to take some photos. Sometimes, you can capture the moment and get a good shot. You can also be more mindful of your surroundings and get shots that you might otherwise ignore. People have frequently said that I’m a prolific photographer who takes lots of pictures. I do take pictures and then I get back in the car and think where else can I go around here? I did that on Sunday. I took pictures of the canal scene and the new housing. I then remembered some sculptures not far away and so went and took a few shots of those. This shot was my ‘capturing the moment’ shot:


Capturing the moment

The man and his daughter stopping for a little while under the bridge really made the shot. I really like the silhouettes! I only took two shots of them and wish I had done more. Having them walk into my shot actually improved it but when they actually stopped I captured the moment with great effect.



The housing nearby looked interesting so I took a few shots of that too. It has a lot of interesting features but is already a target of graffiti. I suspect that all is not what it seems. They look nice but I wouldn’t want to live there.

capturing the moment


This picture was another case of capturing the moment. These ladies walked into my shot and then stood still while I took the shot. I think the shot tells a story too. Maybe they were waiting for someone to arrive? A print of the picture was in last year’s Sandwell Pride of Place exhibition in West Bromwich. That was part of the Blast festival that was organised by Multistory.


There is going to be another festival in 2022. I hope I’ll still be taking photos then! That was a good art festival because it took art out into the community with poster prints on West Bromwich High Street and down the Metro line. I have actually been thinking of organising an art event with my art cards. I thought a free art event where people could just pick up a pack of art cards and take them home for free would be good. I thought about doing a photography workshop too but this year’s plans have been thwarted by the pandemic.


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