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Carnival – preparing for a photo shoot.

horses at the frying pan (34)

When you’re preparing for a photo shoot, you need information about the location and what you’re going to be photographing. Next weekend I’ll be at Wednesbury carnival on Saturday and then on Sunday I’ll be photographing a drive with horses, carts and traps touring around a few pubs.


The carnival will be in Brunswick park and I’m quite familiar with that. I know the sun will be  to the south in the afternoon slowly moving west.

Wednesbury carnival

These lovely ladies struck a great pose for me at last year’s carnival. There’s some shadow, but I was quite pleased with this picture. The sun was quite high in the sky and south east, I was shooting more or less in the opposite direction.

Before I went to the carnival, I went to Darlaston’s ‘Party in the Park’. You can see the shadows in this shot and how harsh the light was. This was about midday and so the sun was at it’s highest in the sky. I also have to remember that the time is BST, British summer time and so the ‘natural’ midday sun is around 1 pm.

This shot was a couple of hours later in the afternoon at Wednesbury carnival. Watch for the bright colours and patterns in your shots. You can guess where the sun is by the shadows. They are not the really dark shadows so they are hardly noticeable.

Filling the frame with colour can give you quite a good shot. This shot is from 2013, when I was quite new to using a DSLR. I try to zoom in quite close on the subject at events, but if you’re doing a landscape type shot, pay attention to the colour of the sky. The more blue it is the better, generally speaking.

One thing I have to remember at the carnival is to try to get people to come out from under the gazebos when they are coloured ones, such as green. The light shines through the gazebo and gives the subject a green face! I shall be doing the horse drive around the pubs on Sunday and so I’ll scout the pubs before then and see which ones face south.

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