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Carnival time #photography


You may have noticed that I’ve changed my blog this week and brought forward my photography post to Tuesday. I photographed Tipton Carnival on Sunday. The events season is well under way now and I can look forward to more carnivals, canal festivals and fun days.

All these events are outside and tend to be very colourful affairs. I use a Nikon D3200, which is a 24 Mega pixel DSLR, but you can get good pictures with almost any camera.


Try to make use of all those vivid colours that you get at carnivals and fairs. Pack as much colour into the shots as you can.


This shot has lots of people and colour and so is interesting. You can get people to pose for photos, but I prefer candid shots showing people enjoying themselves.


Your shots will give an image of the event. This one says ‘carnival’ and ‘funfair’. I have seen some shots taken by a press photographer of the people involved, but they were close ups. They didn’t include the funfair or carnival backdrop. Consider your background too.


I really like this shot, but it was really dark. I had two choices, either use a flash or make the picture lighter in editing. I chose the latter and look what it did to the background. It’s made the shot look quite artistic.


You can wander around taking pictures or you can create images. Creating images that tell a story is far more interesting. This image is very ‘busy’ and shows the stalls selling all manner of things at the carnival.


You need fast shutter speeds at events to capture the action. I find the sports setting on my Nikon is ideal for this kind of shot, with spot focusing.

I’ll be out all summer photographing events. The next one will be Willenhall Carnival next weekend.  If you can’t join me at these events, then why not follow my blog using the widget at the top of the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates. You can also comment and share your thoughts. Will you be going to a carnival this summer?

I’ll end with a few more photos, click the first one to bring up the carousel.

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