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Carnival time today! #photography

Yes, it is the Wednesbury carnival today, so I’m scheduling a post to publish before I go. I missed posting yesterday because I was keeping up with the news on my investments. Regular readers will know I’ve been having a terrible year but this week there are signs of improvement and I’m back making money. I’m also cheerful because it is carnival time!

carnival time


The chairman of Solo Oil is retiring and being replaced with new directors with, perhaps, better business sense. Neil Ritson will continue as a consultant but will be taking any remuneration in shares. I think that shows he has confidence in the company. We should see the company making a profit soon and the share price appreciating. I can actually see the share price soar if all goes well in Tanzania.


There was good news at Premier Foods too with new investment but also a challenge to the managing director Gavin Darby. He needs to pull something out of the bag at the next AGM. Premier were paying down debt but have just secured new financing of 400 million. So they are again applying more leveraging which could see them investing in poor selling products like the Mr Kipling division. They also need to invest in social media again, branding and advertising. I’m back to break even on my investment but there is a lot of potential there.

Carnival time

So it is carnival time tomorrow but today is Friday the 13th. Do I feel lucky? Well, today has been lucky so far and the new camera strap I ordered arrived in time to photograph the carnival, so things are looking up. I still have mobility problems and will need to walk with a stick tomorrow but I have a monopod that doubles are a walking stick so I should be OK. I can rest a lot so I should be able to photograph the carnival. I’m feeling so lucky on Friday the 13th, I even bought a Euro millions ticket for tonight. I could be one of the 13 millionaires created tonight or even win the 15 million prize. Think positive!


I’m good at photography but I can always improve. Tomorrow I will do some shots of the carnival crowds and then set my camera on wide open with the metering on centre-weighted and take photos of people. Hopefully, I can photograph the people running the stalls. I’ll also try to get lots of fairground shots. Anyway, the weather forecast is good and I hope to get some really good shots. Next week, I am planning on going to a photography workshop where I might learn some new photography skills. There is always more to learn.

So overall, things are going well. On Sunday, as usual, I’ll write my Sunday ramble. What will be on my mind this week? You can follow my blog and get an email with a links to new posts by entering your email address at the top of the sidebar or just follow me on Twitter for links. There are also links to new posts on my Facebook page.

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