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Community photography

Carnival time #Wednesbury

It was carnival time again in Wednesbury yesterday and I was there to take a few photos again. I try to promote events around Wednesbury and take photographs at charity events. We need to improve our communities and heal rifts, not provoke hostility and division.



We all have problems and we feel like we are less alone when we accepted as part of a caring community. We can’t always be unselfish, often we do have to make looking after ourselves a priority but we can help look after others too. The recent referendum did incite racial hatred and hostility but there is an opposite reaction too and some people are actively trying to heal the rifts in our society and in our communities. There are rifts between cultures and between the have and the have-nots. We are all human, all part of a human civilisation and to behave like cavemen is undignified. It is hypocritical to denigrate the rich and then go out and buy a lottery ticket in an attempt to become one of them. It is also hypocritical to denigrate the middle classes and then expect one of their number to provide you will healthcare. Manual workers are also denigrated but they are the ones that roll up their sleeves and do the real work that many feel is beneath them. Yesterday, I had my hand covered in ibuprofen gel trying to ease the pain of my arthritis and then held a camera that can’t be described as cheap and later was scooping compost with my hands because I couldn’t find my trowel. I am much better at using my brain these days and have gained a little wisdom because I can remember mistakes I made 50 years ago and learnt from them. I still don’t think it is beneath me to get my hands dirty. I’m no better or worse than anyone else. I spoke to a couple of East European workers this week. I don’t denigrate them either. They were polite and tried to speak with me despite very limited English. Some people have the manners and culture of the cavemen. We should all aspire to some behavioural code that involves respect for our fellow man. In the 21st century, we need to acquire values, not money.


My lottery ticket ran out last night and so I renewed it this morning. While I have enough money for my needs, it would be nice to have enough to do things to make the community better and even try to make society a better place too.

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