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Cash-back and other deals #thrifty

cash-back and other deals

Using the internet to find deals is a good way to save money. Some sites are dedicated to offering us good deals too. There are some with voucher codes that you can search for and some that offer cash-back.


Try Mutualpoints who give you points that you can exchange for cash. You can get up to 4% cash-back on Asda George clothing, for example.

If you have a Barclaycard, you can register for Bespoke offers and pick up the odd bargain like this dash-cam for the car at just 14.99 plus 3.99 delivery.

You can sometimes find good deals on Amazon. The lightening deals change quickly, however. Some deals start at certain times, today at 2pm there is a deal on this Lenovo desktop PC. It seems a bargain at 299.99, are they going to reduce the price further?

Super six at Aldi

I usually tell you the latest super-six from Aldi and those offers are the same as last week. They are garlic (4), snack pack grapes (170g), button mushrooms (200g), little gem lettuce (2), Jersey Royal new potatoes (500g) and cherry tomatoes (350g). They are all 49p each and new offers start on Thursday the 2nd of July.  There are also meat offers that you can check on their website.

Today’s special buys are related to camping with a 5 man tent as the  top one. There’s a folding table for 19.99; I’ll look at that. I want a folding table for the garden.

The top special buy on Sunday is a GPS training watch. The other special buys are to do with the outdoors and cycling. The bungee strap set is for securing your luggage, not for jumping off bridges!

I’m often amazed by the number of people who can’t cook anything. You don’t have to cook  in summer, because you can prepare salads and eat cold foods. Salads are easy to do and if you do your own, it’s custom made, you don’t end up wasting things you don’t like. It’s much cheaper to do your own cold food than buying it ready made from Greggs. On some food, you pay 20% extra in VAT even on traditional foods like fish and chips. It’s not really hard to cook oven chips, although I do admit they don’t taste quite as good as the ones from a good chip shop! You can buy chips from a shop and them cook chicken, eggs or sausages to go with them to save money.

That’s all for this week. Do you have a money saving or cash-back idea? Please share it in the comments box. You can also subscribe to this blog using the widget in the sidebar or follow me on Twitter for updates.

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