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Community photography


Blogging and social media #SMM

I am admin of several social media channels and of course, I’m a blogger. Many companies now have a company blog and politicians and political advisers have blogs too. The combination of a blog with social media channels allows you to communicate with the public in an interactive way. I can engage with the public and influence my readers. Social Media management (SMM) is serious business. A pedestrian was recently awarded a pay out by a court as compensation for being hit by a bicycle. The lady was looking at her phone while she walked. That is a modern phenomenon, such is the power of social media channels. Blogging and social media together is very influential.

Blogging and social media


To be a writer #writing #photography

I used to find it very easy to write and do the editing but this year I seem to be writing less and letting life get in the way and sometimes life seems to get on top of me. Some people struggle to write anything and you do need to be focused on your subject. Writing should flow easily and if you keep stopping to think about what to write then it can be a real chore. To be a writer can be difficult or it can be amazingly easy.  I am a photographer as well and that makes it easier. I can fill the space with a photograph.

to be a writer


Getting your content out there #photography #writing

Whether you’re into blogging, social media or printed media. You have to create content for the general public. I use Windows Live Writer to write my posts for my blog, I use Outlook for emails and I use MS Word to write everything else. That is just the words but I also produce pictures. My Nikon D3200 produces quite good photos and I use Windows Live gallery to edit them and often use PhotoScape too. Resizing and adding the copyright notice to photographs is done with Fotosizer. The way I create content is fast and simple.

Getting your content out there


Life is like a photography competition #life

Blogging is supposed to be about sharing your life with your readers. I made my blog more like a magazine writing about different subjects with an emphasis on photography. I’m also into social media like most bloggers because it helps us publicise our blogs and now I’m slowly getting involved in an arts festival. The festival will be all about photography and so suits me. This morning I entered another photography competition and I have plans to produce a postcard with an image of one of the more iconic places in the town where I live in.


Creative thinking about life #creative

Usually, on a Thursday, I write a post about being thrifty and saving money but it is quite easy these days to shop around and get the best price by using the internet. There is lots of advice on the net about saving money, too. When I started this blog I decided to make it more like a magazine than a blog about my life and the things I do. I have decided to make it more like a blog now and write more from experience. I employ a lot of creative thinking in my life so that will make a better subject for my blog.

creative thinking about money


New year and so some new plans #ramble

So it’s 2017, I wasn’t expecting to live this long or I would have looked after myself better. Last night my phone said ‘emergency calls only’. I thought maybe the network was overloaded with people wishing each other happy new year. It seems the sim has developed a fault. I have ordered a new one online. My new year isn’t off to a very good start.

new year 2017


The last post of 2016 #blogging

Another year of blogging draws to a close and I write the last post. It was an interesting year as I developed a role as a community writer and photographer. More photographer than writer. Maybe people will need my writing skills more in 2017 and if I’m lucky my art might be appreciated more. As 2016 ends I am framing photos and people actually want to buy them!

last post of 2016


Sunny Sunday #ramble

St Margarets Walsall


My outing last Sunday wasn’t a disaster but the light is quite harsh for photography in early afternoon. I intend to have another go at landscape photography today, but I think I might wait and go out a little later. (more…)

Dinnertime at the pool

dinnertime at the pool


This is the other side of town, where Hyde’s Pool attracts lots of water birds like geese, ducks and coots. People go to feed them usually with bread. If a car stops and someone gets out, the birds think it’s dinnertime and often race each other to the food. The swan will compete with the geese and ducks and a flock of pigeons will descend to eat up any leftovers. (more…)

Newspaper – the Daily Post

picture of a church suitable for newspaper

I took this photo yesterday afternoon of St Margaret’s church in Walsall. It’s a beautiful church and the churchyard is in bloom with spring flowers. I uploaded some of my photos to my local newspaper. (more…)

Geeks and photography #life

Geeks don't always own teddy bears

Socially inept?

I checked with Google the definition of the word geeks. The definition is an unfashionable or socially inept person. A nerd is very similar. These are American expressions and so not to be taken too seriously. I think geeks are drawn to computers and do take up photography. Owning a teddy bear is optional. Taking photos of your teddy bear is bordering on the weird… (more…)

Monday blues

GEESE edit

Yes, it’s Monday again and I have no desire to do anything. I often just have a day off from writing on a Monday, but today I am going to try yet again to add a Youtube video to my blog. (more…)

Focus on my blog #blogging


The focus for my blog this week was a night out at the town hall  where I took  pictures again. It was the mayor’s big charity night and raised money for the Acorn’s children’s hospice. I hope my efforts writing about events and taking photos will make them more popular. (more…)

Photons Dance #photo challenge

A picture of a water pool with photons boucing everywhere

Yesterday’s subject for the WordPress photo challenge was ‘dance’ so why is my photo of a scenic water pool? It is a metaphorical dance, so what is dancing? As a photographer, I see those little particles of energy we call the photons dancing around in front of my camera and I try to capture them. (more…)

Can photo-blogging improve a community?

I went to a creative meeting last week and on the way home noticed there were no cars parked outside the Black Horse and took the opportunity to photograph it at night. Lots of pubs have closed down in the Black Country but this one is doing well because it’s run well. (more…)

Monday Monday #life

Yes, it is Monday morning and I really don’t feel like doing very much. I imagine there are millions more like me, but we all make the effort. I’m going to rely on my photography today to get me out of trouble. (more…)

One Love Photo Challenge #photography


One love refers to the universal love and respect expressed by all people for all people, regardless of race, creed, or colour. Does it? People say they love all sorts of things these days and that includes all kinds of animals, food, celebrities and anything else they are obsessed with. (more…)

Toot your horn #life

Manor Hospital

This is the hospital where I go, a couple of times a year. I’ve had a lot of ill health and people can judge you unkindly if they can’t see what is wrong with you. So I think my greatest attribute is being non-judgemental. (more…)

Seasons #photo-challenge


I hope I’m not confusing my regular readers by doing an extra post on Friday, but this is a special one for the WordPress photo challenge. The theme is ‘seasons’ and here in the UK, we are coming to the end of the winter season and looking forward to the spring equinox in four weeks time. (more…)

Creative opportunities for everyone? #culture

Wednesbury art gallery

Living in the Black Country, all I seemed to hear about when I was young was the industry. Now I hear a lot about creativity and art. We used to make steel tubes here and all sorts of products that supported the motor industry and the building industry. The Black Country was an important part of a nation that was industrious. We made things. (more…)

Not in the mood for writing #writing

1 st barts

You know how sometimes you crawl out of bed almost lifeless and don’t feel like doing much? That’s how I feel this morning, but I carry on and boost my creativity with several cups of tea! (more…)

Reflecting on the past and looking to the future


Christmas isn’t over yet and I’m thinking about the new year. I will be doing more photography and trying to promote events and capture memories. I shall go back to taking landscapes too. This one was a misty autumn day, but it is a shot I intended to take for a while. I like to go back when the weather is different and take shots again. (more…)

Santa on social media #Christmas

DSC_0217 (Copy)

This week I’ve photographed a Christmas lunch for the elderly and when Santa’s sleigh passed by my house, I grabbed my camera and took a few pictures. The pictures of both events went out quickly on Facebook and helped promote the events. It raised awareness so people feel like it’s Christmas. It has added to all the other Christmas promotions too. (more…)

Engaging with your audience #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so I let you into the dustier pathways of my mind and let you know what I’m thinking about today. I’ve been thinking about art and audience engagement. Some artists create for themselves, true artists create for other people and engage with the audience. (more…)

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