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Community photography


Blogging and social media #SMM

I am admin of several social media channels and of course, I’m a blogger. Many companies now have a company blog and politicians and political advisers have blogs too. The combination of a blog with social media channels allows you to communicate with the public in an interactive way. I can engage with the public and influence my readers. Social Media management (SMM) is serious business. A pedestrian was recently awarded a pay out by a court as compensation for being hit by a bicycle. The lady was looking at her phone while she walked. That is a modern phenomenon, such is the power of social media channels. Blogging and social media together is very influential.

Blogging and social media


Creating social media content #smm #photography

I create social media content both for my blog and for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I use words and pictures and create narratives and even a little controversial content at times. I say good morning on Facebook to make one page more friendly and interactive and now I try to do the same with a group I’m an admin of. Social media is interactive and my readers on this blog can comment, click like or even email me. Creating social media content is about trying to spark interaction; a conversation.

social media content


How do you create great content?

I not only create content for my website and social media channels I also curate content for The History of Wednesbury page on Facebook. So how do you create great content? I think it is all about being curious and being aware of what’s happening around you and in your world. I read a lot, I have alerts on Google, I keep up with the news and I am constantly looking for something to photograph.

create great content


Social media images #Wednesburyonline

We all have an image and we all care about our image which is why we choose our clothing carefully. We also have an online image and it can betray our inner beliefs. I have friend requests on Facebook from people who have quite different beliefs to me and I accept that. They do sometimes share posts that are racist, though and so I reject those posts and ‘snooze’ the person doing the sharing for 30 days. Social media images are important and you need to be careful about what you post and what you share.

social media images


We dow need no education #education

Excuse my corruption of the lyrics of “Another brick in the wall” (Pink Floyd) into Black Country dialect but my title will be tweeted and Twitter doesn’t like apostrophes! Anyway, I’ll stick with it for now. We dow need no education could have been my anthem at school, had Pink Floyd recorded it 20 years earlier.

need no education?


pseudo-democracy without education?

I’m getting a little tired of the fallout from Brexit. People voted in a referendum and the people decided but on what evidence and did they understand the debate? Democracy is supposed to be government by the people but if we are honest the people of the United Kingdom rejected the European bureaucracy precisely because it is undemocratic. Yes, we elect MEP’s to the European parliament but they are then just representing themselves. They get fat salaries and expenses and we hear little from them until the next election. The media ignores them and they debate irrelevant issues like how straight bananas should be. We have a pseudo-democracy without education, the people do not understand the system or the issues.  (more…)

How to be a role model

good role model

Children and young people have their role models, adults that they respect and who influence them. The adults they listen to might see the world as a bad place to be endured and will pass this belief on to the child. A good role model will help children and young people develop positive beliefs. (more…)

Is the root of our problems, education?

If I go to a store to buy a computer, the choice of operating systems is very limited. Windows from Microsoft has a virtual monopoly or I could go for a the more expensive computer from Apple. The third option would be an Android PC. All these operating systems come from America. (more…)

Newton’s Third Law of motion #philosophy

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The wheels on this tram are going around and pushing backward on the track and so the tram goes forwards. When we want to go from sitting to standing, we push down on the chair and we go up. (more…)

Advice for budding writers #writing

One one the best pieces of advice I can give budding writers is to buy a camera. You can say so much more with a picture! This picture is the Birmingham canal at Tipton, where I’ll be again next weekend. (more…)

Posters, postcards and flags

Darlaston Fun Day 2015

I designed this poster last night for something to do. It was quite easy, but I did make a mistake and then saved it. Mistakes are easy to correct, before you’ve saved, but not after! I managed to correct the post code. (more…)

Solo Oil and Horse Hill #investments

Solo Oil post

Solo Oil suspended

Solo Oil provided us with a bit of excitement this week when their shares were suspended on the London Stock Exchange pending an announcement. I think some private investors were checking out Ferraris on Auto Trader! (more…)

Variety is the spice of life #life


People often put all their energies into just one thing. It might be their career, their hobby or that one special relationship. The problem is when they lose their job, the relationship breaks up or they are no longer able to pursue their hobby; then they feel heart broken. It seems that, variety, is the spice of life. (more…)

Uniform history affecting our lives #life


I went to West Bromwich Manor House yesterday to photograph an American Civil  war re-enactment. Not really history that I can identify with, but still interesting. History shapes society and gives us our culture. (more…)

Making good decisions #life


We all have to make decisions all the time, but how can we make good decisions. How can be decide who to vote for in elections? How can we make important decisions that affect us, our families and our community? (more…)

Nostalgia and wealth #life

Farley Park GREAT BRIDGE - nostalgia

Former British Prime Minister John Major said, “I want to see wealth cascading down the generations.” He meant family wealth like property and individual wealth. Wealth does cascade down the generations to a certain extent, but that is collective wealth in the form of historic buildings. (more…)

Wide apertures #photography

1 post with exif

Last week I looked at wide apertures for portraits, that can get your subject in sharp focus, but the background out of focus. This photo isn’t one of my best ones, it’s just the concrete post in the garden that holds the washing line. You can see easily that it’s in focus while the background is blurred. (more…)

Aperture and depth of field #photo

Picture courtesy of Nikon

The diagram above gives you some idea of apertures, the narrowest ones can be little more than a pin hole. Most lenses don’t go very wide. On a bridge camera they tend to go wider. On my Nikon the widest I can set the aperture is about f/3.5, more expensive lenses will go wider. (more…)

Landscape photography lesson

1 The Midland Metro - Landscape photography lesson

Landscape photography lesson

I went out in the freezing cold to take today’s photos to demonstrate how to take good landscape photos. Today’s landscape photography lesson follows on from last week’s lesson on  camera settings. (more…)

Executive storytelling

Midland Metro picture used for Executive storytelling post


Executive storytelling has become more popular in the past few years. Executives have recognised the need to get their ideas across to consumers, employees and investors. The executive with a vision needs to use words and perhaps pictures to get their vision across to all stakeholders. (more…)

Life: diversity

Do you remember Christmas when you were a kid? I still remember the things associated with Christmas. We had tangerines at Christmas, now it’s satumas. Whatever happened to tangerines? We had nativities at school and we learnt Christmas carols. Childhood is about learning, the knowledge we gain  is the foundation of our lives. (more…)

Creativity and learning

Artistic edit of a image

Today’s picture was taken in a place I often go and I’ve taken similar images many times. This time, I did something different, I used a filter and edited the picture differently to create art. Learning is about repetition, we keep practising until we have perfected the skill. (more…)

Gold stars and brownie points


If we did well in class when I was a child we would have gold stars or silver stars stuck in our exercise books at the end of our work. We would rather have had something more  tangible, like a bar of chocolate, but a gold star was an event; it was an achievement. It was an emotional reward. (more…)

Want to write for a Zillion Ideas?

Brunswick Park, Wednesbury June 2014

I enjoy writing most of the time, but it is a solitary pursuit and I need to get out in the sunshine sometimes. My other interest is photography, so that works out well. Recently I’ve been trying to do a little more in the community I live in. (more…)

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