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Blogging and social media #SMM

I am admin of several social media channels and of course, I’m a blogger. Many companies now have a company blog and politicians and political advisers have blogs too. The combination of a blog with social media channels allows you to communicate with the public in an interactive way. I can engage with the public and influence my readers. Social Media management (SMM) is serious business. A pedestrian was recently awarded a pay out by a court as compensation for being hit by a bicycle. The lady was looking at her phone while she walked. That is a modern phenomenon, such is the power of social media channels. Blogging and social media together is very influential.

Blogging and social media


Creating social media content #smm #photography

I create social media content both for my blog and for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I use words and pictures and create narratives and even a little controversial content at times. I say good morning on Facebook to make one page more friendly and interactive and now I try to do the same with a group I’m an admin of. Social media is interactive and my readers on this blog can comment, click like or even email me. Creating social media content is about trying to spark interaction; a conversation.

social media content


How do you create great content?

I not only create content for my website and social media channels I also curate content for The History of Wednesbury page on Facebook. So how do you create great content? I think it is all about being curious and being aware of what’s happening around you and in your world. I read a lot, I have alerts on Google, I keep up with the news and I am constantly looking for something to photograph.

create great content


Social media images #Wednesburyonline

We all have an image and we all care about our image which is why we choose our clothing carefully. We also have an online image and it can betray our inner beliefs. I have friend requests on Facebook from people who have quite different beliefs to me and I accept that. They do sometimes share posts that are racist, though and so I reject those posts and ‘snooze’ the person doing the sharing for 30 days. Social media images are important and you need to be careful about what you post and what you share.

social media images


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