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Finance Friday

Intrinsic value #FinanceFriday

We have been in a recession since last March but imagine for a moment if things were even worse and paper money was no longer of any value. In a worst-case scenario, you would need things of intrinsic value. In such a scenario, a warehouse full of food would be most useful. Even an empty warehouse where food could be stored would have some intrinsic value. If you had food to sell, what would take the place of paper money? The general consensus among investors is that gold would be the new trading currency because it has intrinsic value.

intrinsic value


Invest in Britain? #FinanceFriday

This week the news from the stock markets was dire. At the time of writing the oil price is $36.9 which shows that around the world economies are closing down again as covid spreads. The UK stock market saw big falls on Wednesday and only pulled back slightly yesterday. The board of Shell reassured investors by promising to increase dividends and share buybacks. Is reassurance enough? The banks saw confidence wane too but Barclay’s seemed to be the one to buck the trend. I still see Lloyd’s as a good investment and they are benefiting from increased mortgage lending.

invest in Britain?


Benefit from the recession?

We are now in a recession because of the pandemic. This is a world recession but we should be aware of what is happening in the USA. It will be a stimulus by the Federal Reserve that will be important to the large US companies who are struggling to survive the downturn. On this side of the Atlantic, we rely on stimulus in the form of low-interest rates and quantitative easing to pump liquidity into the UK economy. Can we benefit from the recession? Much of that ‘new’ money will go into the stock market and the property market just as it did in 2009.


Is the Bitcoin cryptocurrency the road to riches? #financefriday

I’ve been asked about investing in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin several times. People always ask me “Should I invest in cryptocurrency?” I see lots of advertising for it and they claim that personalities such as Jim Davidson endorse it. One advert even had Matt Hancock, the Health Minister promoting it. Bitcoin to Paypal has gone to new highs recently as investors look for alternative investments and a safe asset for their cash. Bitcoin, however, is still a Ponzi scheme and not at all safe. The Cryptocurrency is interesting and even the Bank of England is looking at using blockchain. So I did a little research and even bought crypto!



Virtual stock market trading #finance

If you don’t have the experience to trade on the stock market you can get some practice by reading virtually. I trade virtually on London South East and find it’s a great website that gives me lots of information on the stocks including RNS statements and charts. I’ve recently started using eToro but that seems more difficult to me. You can trade virtually or for real. I’m not trading for real until I have a lot more experience. You can lose far more than you expect on eToro because trades can employ leverage. Although trades are commission-free. They make money from you in other ways. The spreads are larger and you trade in US dollars so they make money on the conversion to dollars. They also charge a few when you withdraw money.

virtual stock market trading


Premier foods and the market #finance

I’ve had an interesting week watching the stock market with Premier Foods soaring to new highs. Overall, thanks to Premier Foods my portfolio appreciated by around 10% this week. My mistake of buying too many shares in the maker of those exceedingly good cakes came good at last! I now have the potential to sell PFD and Barclays at a profit. I can then wait for the rest of my portfolio to come good. I’m not going to be in any rush to sell. I think both shares are worth keeping a little bit longer.

Premier Foods


Signs of what the future might hold #finance

Investors are always looking for signs of what the future might hold. This week the Federal Reserve in the US caused nervousness when they warned of a “long road to recovery” for the US economy. That would mean a long road to recovery for the global economy. That saw investors on the London Stock Market selling banks and moving to safer investments. When investors are really worried they buy gold and the gold price goes up. Gold hit £1420 an ounce a few weeks ago but was slowly coming down as investors invested back in the stock market sending share prices in banks up. It reversed this week as investors pulled out of the market and we saw the gold price climb again.

Signs of what the future might hold


Will the British economy bounce back? #finance

Judging by the amount of money finding its way into the stock market this week. I think the economy could bounce back fairly quickly as Britain gets back to business as usual. The sectors that will be really hit hard are obviously tourism and aviation. Perhaps both of those sectors can adjust to the new reality? Certainty tourism can adjust to providing more holidays at home and we might see a resurgence of British seaside holidays.  Will the British economy bounce back? It seems like the banking sector and building sectors will lead the way but will the government mess it all up by reintroducing austerity?

Will the British ecnomy bounce back?


Finance Friday – pandemic finances #finance

The pandemic has affected most stock markets around the world and wiped billions off the value of the world’s top companies. Here in the UK, companies like Lloyds Banking Group have seen their share price crash lower than it did in the 2008 crisis. After the 2008 crisis I bought Lloyds for 30p a share and sold at 90p after the recovery. The share price today is 30.55. Are they worth buying again? As it happens I bought Lloyds again for around 50p so I am considering buying shares in another bank next week. Barclays could be one to watch and are 91.94 today. In the circumstances, I think I would like them to be a little cheaper than that. I’ll probably buy if they’re under 85p.



Enjoying the simple things #finance

I have spent most of my life thinking about money. I try to make money and try to save money and it has been quite stressful at times. I’ve got to the stage where I have more than enough discretionary income but with lots of bills coming in this week I’ve been cautious and made sure I have more than enough money to cover them. My frugality does get a bit out of hand and when I bought a new camera this year for the arts festival, parting with so much cash was almost like having a limb amputated. I am enjoying the simple things in life more and trying to think less about money.


The search for efficiency #economy

For an economy to grow it must become more efficient. In simple terms, we can choose to use a motor mower instead of a hand mower. We can choose a cordless electric drill or we can use a calculator instead of doing maths by hand. Increasing efficiency is usually brought about by using technology or robotics to make the job easier or to do the job quicker. Increasing efficiency can also increase profits or save money.


Flying solo #money

It has been a while since I wrote about finance and investments but money is never far from my thoughts. It hasn’t been a good year for investments with the collapse of Carillion doing the most damage. My car needed some money spent on it recently when the coil pack started to disintegrate. That was followed by my washing machine developing a fault so I had to buy a new washer! So I might have to wait a bit to upgrade my camera; there are worse things in life.



Looking forward to the future #finance #investments

I had another good week of investing with my stock market assets gaining 2%. Immupharma saw further gains and today they will cost you £1 a share and a bargain at that. The company has huge potential and the fact that they are preparing to gain FDA approval for Lupuzor could mean they are considering manufacturing the drug themselves. The company also has the expertise gained from the development of Lupuzor to develop other drugs for other diseases associated with the immune system. The share price has doubled in the last few months. Looking forward,  if it doubles again before the new year, I wouldn’t be surprised.

looking forward


Waiting for the bounce #finance #investments

When share prices fall, there is often a bottom and then a bounce back. The same is often true of the value of the pound or the oil price. The growth of the whole economy can fall and then some action leads to a bounce back upwards. The same can be said of the reverse of these trends, share prices that suddenly soar to new heights will bounce back and go lower the next day as people sell on the high. We can take advantage of the low and if there is sufficient bounce, we can sell for a quick profit. Small traders find this difficult because of dealing fees but fund traders do this all the time.

stock market bounce


Living in Neverneverland #finance

Yes, Britain is now living on the never-never. Credit and debt appear to be official policy. The government is trapped in debt and so are most its citizens. The government can just print money and cause inflation which will effectively inflate away debts in sterling terms but not in the terms of the reserve currency, the almighty dollar. The thing now is, the almighty dollar is being devalued too, as are most currencies. A global economy based on ever-expanding currencies which of course lead to property bubbles in our capital cities. We are in Neverneverland but we’re not the only ones!

Living in Neverneverland


Solo Oil : the jackpot #investments

Many investors make an investment in a small company and hope they make it big. I have high hopes that Solo Oil will make it big with its shares in oil discoveries both in Tanzania and in the UK.

Solo Oil investments


New thinking about the global economy #finance

New thinking?

George Osborne made some interesting comments about quantitative easing and loose monetary policy this week that showed some new thinking:

George Osborne said: “We need to offset the very necessary loose monetary policy and the distributional consequences that it is having. Essentially it makes the rich richer and makes life difficult for ordinary savers.”

“There’s a role for government policy not in stopping that monetary policy which keeps the economy strong but in mitigating its impact. I think all of us who believe in free markets need to work harder to find an answer to the anger that people clearly feel out there.”

This followed on from comments made by the  Bank of England’s deputy governor Minouche Shafik that suggested quantitative easing is here to stay. New thinking at the Bank of England seems to favour QE as a permanent tool of monetary policy.

new  thinking


A strange coincidence #finance #investments

By a strange coincidence, my car insurance is due today and the premium has gone up 20%. This seems the norm this year across the industry. I have my insurance with the AA who have been upgraded by brokers Morgan Stanley this morning to ‘overweight’. The share price has shot up by 4.85% in early trading. Every cloud has a silver lining…

strange coincidence


Unpredictable future #investments

The whole economic picture for the UK and maybe for the world is still uncertain. Despite the super-computers running economic models and expert economists making their predictions, the economic future looks even more unpredictable than ever. The future for the UK is even more unpredictable because of uncertainty caused by Brexit.

unpredictable future


Brexit aftershocks #finance

After the stock market was trashed last Friday we had the aftershocks that saw banks and house builders losing up to 30% of their market capitalisation. Then, the dead cat bounced, the market recovered a little this week. So why did it crash so spectacularly on Friday and what can we learn from it? We have to understand the role of market makers in all this. We need to understand the Brexit aftershocks.

brexit aftershocks


Pharma in focus #investments

pharma in focus

Pharma in focus

Pharma in focus was really the theme of the week with Immupharma soaring as trials of its Lupuzor drug appear to be successful. The inventor of the drug is also due to give a lecture on the developments which is expected to be positive news. In early trading today, many investors were selling and taking profits and so quite a big drop this morning. (more…)

Uncertain investments #finance

uncertain investments

In life, we always have uncertainty and some periods are more uncertain than others. Most people try to avoid drama and want a quiet life. We want certainty in an uncertain world. It is the same when we are investing our money, we want certainty and stability but politics and religion make for constant uncertainty. Today, it is the referendum that makes markets jittery in the UK, but many problems around the world add to the uncertainty. (more…)

Unusual investments

It was another week of uncertainty for investors as we wait for that dreaded referendum and its unpredictable consequences. So may investors are looking for unusual investments  that offer some predictability. (more…)

political risk #investments

Political risk

There is always some political risk when it comes to investing. The prehistoric tendency for one tribe to go to war with another still exists. We might have developed supercomputers and space travel but many people still have Neanderthal ideas. It makes it difficult for those of us who want a world of entertainment, peace and security. (more…)

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