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Life presents so many challenges #ramble

This week I was challenged to post an ‘artistic picture’ a day on Facebook by a fellow artist. I’ve been doing that and I’m now on day three. I like challenges and tomorrow I’ll do the weekly challenge from 64 Million Artists, as well. Of course, life presents many challenges and more so now, as we try to avoid becoming infected with Covid-19. Getting information so we can assess the risk is a challenge in itself. I have found out that there have been about 10 deaths in the council ward that I live in. I believe there are more than 50 people carrying the virus in the town I live in, who are symptomatic, asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic. I am vulnerable to the virus, as are all people over the age of 45. I also have health problems that make me vulnerable. I’m taking this challenge seriously.



Will life be different after the pandemic? #life

It seems the epidemic in the UK became widespread because we had carriers bring it in from China and from several European countries too. The government response to that was slow and so it quickly developed into a crisis. We can’t go back to ‘business as usual’. We have to restrict international travel. People have been using Skype and Zoom to communicate and that should continue to be used for international business communications. Will life be different after the pandemic. If so, how much different? We have to consider changes now.

Will life be different after the pandemic?


Preparing for social contact

It’s Sunday morning and so as always, I’ll share my thoughts with you. I have heard something about the lockdown being eased for the over 70s and people considered the most vulnerable. Is it too much, too early? I have found the news a little confusing, perhaps it will be clearer today? It seems likely that the over 70s will have to comply with social distancing rules but I will also wear a mask when I’m close to people. I’ll do some photography which will be low risk but at some stage, I’ll have to buy petrol. I hope by then I’ll have some hand sanitizer. I expect they will have a screen where you pay in the petrol station too. I am preparing for social contact with some caution.

preparing for social contact


10 weeks of lockdown #life

Today marks my 10 weeks of lockdown and it has been a little bit lonely but I coped and look forward to it coming to an end. I am apprehensive, however. I expected the spread of the virus to be far more in control than it is now. It is still spreading and the policing of the lockdown has been far too lax. The idiots who claimed it was no worse than flu and the selfish who care only about their enjoyment have made the spread worse than it could have been.

10 weeks of lockdown


Emerging from lockdown #pandemic

Should the schools re-open now? This is a topic of conversation on social media and many parents and teachers are saying no to reopening schools. Young children need education in their formative years but another few weeks isn’t likely to harm their development much. As we are emerging from lockdown perhaps we could consider the option of teaching children in the open-air reducing the risk of the infection spreading.

emerging from lockdown


Coronavirus: what is the truth? #health

I’ve been in lockdown for 8 weeks and I have more questions than answers. The mantra was “flatten the curve” and the transmission rate is falling in London. It appears that a large number of people have contracted the virus and could, therefore, be immune now and the transmission index, the so-called r number is now below one. However, the scientific advisors seem unsure now if people who have had COVID-19 are actually immune. They want an antibody test but doesn’t the fact that infections are falling strongly suggest many people are immune? Obviously the lockdown slowed the transmission rate but if that was the only factor then the rate will go up as soon as we come out of lockdown. We need to know if so-called herd immunity is really working in London. What is the truth?



Isolation day 51 #life

This is day 51 of my isolation and there is talk of the lockdown being eased. A lot of people have died and we are beginning to ask how many deaths could have been prevented. Certainly we need to ask if the deaths in care homes could have been prevented. I’m also concerned about the medical treatment that victims in care homes were given. It seems they weren’t given hospital care. I will have to come out of isolation eventually and will endeavour to minimise the risk. I’ve made it to day 51 and so I can continue in isolation for another 7 weeks if I need to.

day 51


Isolation day 38 #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. I’m on isolation day 38 and I’m not feeling too happy about it. I’m in total isolation and can’t even do my shopping. I have a delivery pass for Asda but all the slots are constantly sold out and I’m concerned for the future which seems very uncertain. We have a government which doesn’t seem to have a plan but just trots of sound bites.  These three part sound bites don’t help and after the “get Brexit done” fiasco, the latest “stay home” one is just irritating.

isolation day 38


The Global Pandemic and the Widening Inequality Between the Poor and the Rich

The middle class with cushy jobs is no longer comfortably well off because they might have been laid off or someone they know has been laid off. At this moment, there are young people with a shaky social life and no job. This is not okay. In my lifetime, this is the second major slump in the economy. And this one looks terrifying because there is a stealthy virus looming around us and a staggering number of people dying.



Isolation day 24 – making adjustments #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. It’s isolation day 24 and although I’ve adjusted to it well, I think the way the pandemic has been handled by both national government and local government could have been better. The supermarkets seem to be prioritising the most vulnerable and their regular customers but it still seems inadequate. I have no idea when I’ll get another food delivery which makes things difficult. If I could be sure of a delivery in May or even June it would be something. This food insecurity is the main source of stress. I hope I don’t have to rely on a food parcel from the council!

isolation day 24


Isolation day 17, Sunday thoughts #ramble

It’s isolation day 17 and I hear of more and more people in the community coming down with covid_19. I’ve been aware of the pandemic since December when I spoke to friends in China. They controlled it eventually and we can too but some poor decisions were made at the beginning of the infection in the UK. The ‘herd immunity’ plan would have overwhelmed our health service and the lockdown came a week or two too late. The Cheltenham Festival and many other events should have been stopped. The biggest mistake was not learning from other countries. Surgical masks could have been provided to all essential workers right from the start. NHS workers should have had FFP3 masks much earlier too.

isolation day 17


Isolation day 15, alone but not lonely #pandemic

Yes, I’m on day 15 of my isolation but I’m not really lonely. I’m quite used to being alone now. I do like to wander around taking photographs, though. I’ll wander to the bottom of the garden later and photograph the dandelions! I’m alone, but not lonely. I’m also planning the next amendment of my grocery list for delivery on Monday. I have a nearly full freezer now and I’ve been trying to store protein foods. I now have to consider fruit, vegetables and drinks. I need more teabags!

alone but not lonely


Day 10 of my isolation #ramble

It’s Sunday and so as always I’ll share my thoughts with you. It’s day 10 of my isolation and it going well. I must admit I get frustrated with the stupid people. I see essential workers in other countries wearing PPE especially masks and we are only just appealing for PPE for council workers. The army is having to deliver hastily acquired PPE to hospitals. Talk about too little, too late.

On day 10 of my isolation, I am wondering how long this will last. They usually say 12 weeks but on one occasion they said 16 weeks.


Day 8 of my isolation #covid_19 #pandemic

It’s day 8 of my isolation and I’m still relatively sane. I’ve been gardening and have planted potatoes in containers and I will plant some in the garden too. I also have some runner bean seed that I’ll plant in pots and a container sometime in April. I don’t have any canes for the runner beans but I think I can improvise!

Day 8 of my isolation


Day 6 of my isolation #covid_19 #pandemic

It’s day 6 of my isolation and things are going quite well. I managed to get another slot for food delivery and I’m slowly adjusting to my new situation. I don’t miss people too much but I do miss my photography outings. I hope that the isolation will end in the summer and I can make up for lost time and get out and about and add to my portfolio of pictures.

day 6 of my isolation


Coping with isolation #covid_19 #health

My intention was to self-isolate today because of my age and health issues. I adopted social distancing on Tuesday and have only been close to two people since then. I went for a blood test on Thursday and wore a surgical mask. So I’m three days into total lockdown. I’m coping with isolation. After 7 days, I think I’ll be able to assume I’m not infected.

coping with isolation


Getting ready for lockdown #covid_19

It’s been a while since I have written a post. I even missed my rambling Sunday post. There is so much to think about. I’ll be going into lockdown at the weekend. The government says for 12 weeks. I think it will be longer. Covid_19 would probably kill me. At the very least, it would be very unpleasant. So I’m preparing for lockdown. I’m not a very social person anyway so maybe it will be easier for me. I have to keep busy and keep solving the many problems I’m sure will be thrown up.


An era of health crisis #health

In the UK we have a mental health crisis and now we have Covid-19 which will add to people’s anxiety and depressive thoughts. Perhaps we should have a referendum and let the people decide what to do about Covid-19? Yes, a ridiculous idea, we should listen to the  experts. I do worry that the experts are being influenced by the politicians who are more worried about the economy when it should be the other way around.

health crisis


Covid-19 and the odds against getting it

It’s Sunday and so as usual I’ll share my thoughts with you. I usually write this post early on Sunday morning but I had so much on my mind today I forgot about it! Of course, Covid-19 is on my mind and I’m hoping all my family are safe from it. My sister is on a cruise. I’ve been passing on useful information via Facebook. The main thing to remember is to wash your hands well and frequently. I also advised people to stop hugging and touching people and today I posted about sterilising surfaces with bleach in a ratio of 1 part bleach and 10 parts water.


Is climate change taking us to the edge of extinction?

I’m not a climate change denier nor am I about to take to the streets and protest. This week the West Midland Combined Authority announced it wanted to ban diesel and petrol cars by 2040. An ambitious and ill-thought out plan. Diesel cards do pollute more and we could stop selling new ones and we could ban all engines over 2 litres in all but specialist vehicles. That would be a step in the right direction and that is what we need, small steps in the right direction not wide ranging policies that will never be implemented or ever work.


Mental Health awareness week

Our friends at are celebrating mental health awareness week and reminded us about it. Freud and Jung thought mental health problems started in childhood. Childhood bullying, childhood neglect and childhood deprivation certainly contribute to mental health problems. Childhood abuse can be a form of trauma that leads to post-traumatic stress disorder that continues into adulthood.


Silver gloves? #Raynauds

It is the last day of February and the last day of Raynaud’s awareness month. I have found out that silver gloves can help alleviate the condition. Who knew? I have Raynaud’s as part of my autoimmune disease and it has been a problem for the past few years. My hands, in particular, get so cold that they go numb which means I can’t even feel the shutter button on my camera! I have learned how to press it wearing gloves but it is still difficult.

silver gloves


Looking after number one #feelgoodFriday

I empathise a lot with people who are less fortunate or who are going through a hard time. I always try to be helpful. I have become more responsible for my own health over the past few years, however. It isn’t being selfish, it’s just being aware of the importance of diet and the effect the environment can have on my health. My healthcare is more important now. I don’t leave all the decisions to doctors, I weigh the evidence about what will be good for me. Am I just looking after number one? No, I try to care about others too but my health comes first.

looking after number one


The need for kindness #timetotalk

It is Time to Talk Day, an initiative from Mind and Rethink mental health charities. Mental health provision is in crisis and we need to do something to change things. I think we all need to be less confrontational, less competitive and try to introduce kindness, consideration and understanding into our lives. Anxiety and depression are at epidemic levels in our urban areas and loneliness is a big problem in more isolated communities too. There is a need for kindness in every community.

The need for kindness


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