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Will life be different after the pandemic? #life

It seems the epidemic in the UK became widespread because we had carriers bring it in from China and from several European countries too. The government response to that was slow and so it quickly developed into a crisis. We can’t go back to ‘business as usual’. We have to restrict international travel. People have been using Skype and Zoom to communicate and that should continue to be used for international business communications. Will life be different after the pandemic. If so, how much different? We have to consider changes now.

Will life be different after the pandemic?


Preparing for social contact

It’s Sunday morning and so as always, I’ll share my thoughts with you. I have heard something about the lockdown being eased for the over 70s and people considered the most vulnerable. Is it too much, too early? I have found the news a little confusing, perhaps it will be clearer today? It seems likely that the over 70s will have to comply with social distancing rules but I will also wear a mask when I’m close to people. I’ll do some photography which will be low risk but at some stage, I’ll have to buy petrol. I hope by then I’ll have some hand sanitizer. I expect they will have a screen where you pay in the petrol station too. I am preparing for social contact with some caution.

preparing for social contact


10 weeks of lockdown #life

Today marks my 10 weeks of lockdown and it has been a little bit lonely but I coped and look forward to it coming to an end. I am apprehensive, however. I expected the spread of the virus to be far more in control than it is now. It is still spreading and the policing of the lockdown has been far too lax. The idiots who claimed it was no worse than flu and the selfish who care only about their enjoyment have made the spread worse than it could have been.

10 weeks of lockdown


Emerging from lockdown #pandemic

Should the schools re-open now? This is a topic of conversation on social media and many parents and teachers are saying no to reopening schools. Young children need education in their formative years but another few weeks isn’t likely to harm their development much. As we are emerging from lockdown perhaps we could consider the option of teaching children in the open-air reducing the risk of the infection spreading.

emerging from lockdown


The lockdown blues #life

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thought with you. I’ve been in lockdown for over 8 weeks. I’m on day 59 and I’m starting to feel a little constrained. I usually go out and take photos on a Sunday afternoon and I would like to be out and about today but we need to beat this virus. In Wuhan, they have decided to test everyone now in an effort to find the asymptomatic carriers. I would have thought there would be an easier way of isolating people who were infected but finding asymptomatic carriers is more difficult. They need to isolate everyone who has been in contact with anyone who has had the virus. I seem to be getting the lockdown blues but it must be much worse in Wuhan.

lockdown blues


Isolation day 51 #life

This is day 51 of my isolation and there is talk of the lockdown being eased. A lot of people have died and we are beginning to ask how many deaths could have been prevented. Certainly we need to ask if the deaths in care homes could have been prevented. I’m also concerned about the medical treatment that victims in care homes were given. It seems they weren’t given hospital care. I will have to come out of isolation eventually and will endeavour to minimise the risk. I’ve made it to day 51 and so I can continue in isolation for another 7 weeks if I need to.

day 51


Day 6 of my isolation #covid_19 #pandemic

It’s day 6 of my isolation and things are going quite well. I managed to get another slot for food delivery and I’m slowly adjusting to my new situation. I don’t miss people too much but I do miss my photography outings. I hope that the isolation will end in the summer and I can make up for lost time and get out and about and add to my portfolio of pictures.

day 6 of my isolation


An extra box of tissues? #money

The FTSE 100 is on 6592 and falling.  There have been big falls on the stock market this year as the coronavirus that causes Covid-19 spreads. A worldwide recession seems likely now. What can we do to protect our savings and investments? In a word, nothing. We just have to accept that our health is a lot more important than money. There has been some panic buying of things like hand sanitizers. It isn’t a good idea to panic buy but maybe buying an extra box of tissues is a sensible precaution.

an extra box of tissues


My own little gallery #photography

It’s Sunday morning and so once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. What’s on my mind this week? As always on a Sunday, I want to go out and take some photos but it’s a bit windy. I certainly won’t be able to wear my hat! This week, I moved out of my bedroom and have been sleeping in the spare room while my bedroom is being decorated. Work on that will resume tomorrow or Tuesday. I hope to turn my room into a small oasis of artwork. Mostly my own photographs because my printer is working again and I can print my own. I want my own little gallery.

my own little gallery


Looking for beauty in this ugly world #life

I think my interest in photography is about looking for beauty. Beauty can take many forms, even the old man sitting on the bench in  town square has a kind of beauty. The usual landscape photographs I take are appreciated for their beauty. Nature provides us with beauty but mankind makes it ugly. We simply don’t care enough about the world around us. We need to look for beauty in this ugly world because the ugliness is all around us and within us.

beauty in this ugly world


Is climate change taking us to the edge of extinction?

I’m not a climate change denier nor am I about to take to the streets and protest. This week the West Midland Combined Authority announced it wanted to ban diesel and petrol cars by 2040. An ambitious and ill-thought out plan. Diesel cards do pollute more and we could stop selling new ones and we could ban all engines over 2 litres in all but specialist vehicles. That would be a step in the right direction and that is what we need, small steps in the right direction not wide ranging policies that will never be implemented or ever work.


Tolerance or intolerance? #life

This morning, I said good morning to the followers of the History of Wednesbury page on Facebook and followed it will this paragraph:

“There are a lot of good reasons why this page exists and continues. It helps people understand how Wednesbury developed as a town. It also makes people aware of each other. It helps build a community. You see names pop up in the comments day after day. You start to understand who the positive people are and who the negative ones are. You find out who the sh*t stirrers are in our community. You find out about tolerance and intolerance. There are many divisions in the world, in our country and in our community. The division between the people who are intolerant and the more mature people who show tolerance and reason tend to be clear to see. Please try to be tolerant and reasonable.”


Redefining your aspirations #life

I bought a lottery ticket yesterday not because I aspire to be upper class or even middle class for that matter. I thought that if I won that rollover jackpot I could make a difference, not just to my life but to the lives of others. Many people aspire to better themselves but they define better as richer and more in control of their lives. By redefining your aspirations in life you can aspire to being a better person regardless of money and possessions.

redefining your aspirations


Years and Years #television #life

I watched the BBC’s dystopian drama Years and Years last night. It is set in 2028, not too far in the future. It was quite disturbing. Could the world be like that in just 9 years time? Will people become that nihilistic and start to believe that life is meaningless?


Do we need to think about consumerism? #life

We are all consumers and as such, we generate a huge amount of waste that gets burnt, recycled or put into landfill. Is it time we took a more responsible approach to consumerism? We have money to spend and some people have too much money. Should we start thinking about sustainability? Perhaps if we bought better quality goods that lasted longer that would help?



Bad news sells newspapers #media

It seems bad news is everywhere on social media. If you circulate a headline asking if we are headed for another financial crash, fear will kick in and people will read the hysterical nonsense. The nationalist nonsense circulating about Brexit is driven by people with no real knowledge of how the European Union works and are in fact, small-minded racists.

bad news


Get up and go? #Mondayblues

I am struggling to find the motivation to do anything this morning. Cognitive dissonance seems to be a problem that most of us have to cope with. I don’t feel well most of the time and so I want to stay where I feel most comfortable, at home. I think many people found it hard to get up this morning and wanted to stay in their warm bed. This ability to overcome our primitive desires separates us from other animals. We have to get up and go to wherever life demands.

get up and go


perseverance leads to talent

Today’s post is going to be very short because instead of using a photograph to follow the first paragraph, I’m going to use a link to a video. It is a bit of an experiment. If it works well I can make some videos and embed the code for those in the future. This is Sean Song who is just 10 years old but has worked hard to perfect his talent:


Looking for alternative investments

I’m looking for alternative investments while the Brexit chaos continues. The obvious alternative to the banks is peer-to-peer lending. I prefer Zopa which is giving me returns of over 5% but is slightly riskier than the banks. Other alternative investments could be to try to buy in bulk to save money rather than actually making money. I even buy in bulk to save on trips to the supermarket, saving me money on petrol.

alternative investments

Futuristic ideas #life #culture #politics

This is my first post on futuristic ideas. What will the future be like in 20 or 30 years? Our roads are congested now and young people can’t afford to buy homes because too much money is chasing too few homes. We also have problems with obesity as people choose to drive around in cars rather than walk. Can we persuade young people to walk more and eat healthier? How would we even begin to do that?



A wealth of opportunity? #finance

When we talk about wealth, we think in terms of money but we have our own little world and the environment we live in can be one of a wealth of experiences. The alternative is culturally deprived environment where there is no art or music to stimulate the mind. It can be an environment devoid of books and all that reading material that allows us to be informed and make informed choices.

wealth of opportunity

Plan B #Wednesburyonline

The Dickens story, Christmas Carol, teaches Scrooge a lesson based on the spirits of the past, present and future. We should live in the present and take each day as it comes but we should also learn from the past and plan for the future. I did quite well after the 2008 credit crunch because the central banks just turned on the electronic money machine and printed loads of cash which in turn inflated asset prices like shares and property. Now the bubble is showing signs of bursting and we have the stupidity of Brexit to worry about. Even considering leaving the EU when we were still recovering from an economic crash was stupidity of the first order. The government never has a plan B and so it is all going horribly wrong. I always have a plan B so even though this year has been bad for me financially I’ll survive with little impact on my standard of living.



2019 what lies ahead #Wednesburyonline

It isn’t yet Christmas and already I’m planning for 2019. What lies ahead in 2019? I can already see that some of my friends are heading for problems. I have a few red lines that I won’t cross because I’ve had enough trouble in my life. I avoid debt at all costs and will be thrifty and frugal in 2019 but not mean with money. Getting old with all the health problems that will bring can mean social isolation. I’ll work on that and try to get out more.



Going over to the dark side #life

We’re all going over to the dark side now as the winter solstice approaches. In ancient times they actually believed in the evil spirits of winter and looked for evergreens like mistletoe, holly and ivy to protect them from the dark side. The evergreens were thought to have magical properties that kept them green all through winter.

the dark side


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