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Community photography

Neodigital Art

The art of making money

1 sepia resize

I uploaded some of my images to Saatchi Art last week so they could be put on sale, unfortunately they didn’t accept my ID so they won’t be on sale just yet.  Good prints fetch quite high prices, especially if they are limited editions. You need a quality image that is not just a snap that anyone could take. (more…)

Neodigital Art: canals

2 art canal resize

Neodigital Art is about taking images and editing them to create something different. I took this photograph yesterday. I often add a white border, but here it’s more grey and just on the sides. The picture was very dark on the left side, so it makes it a little better. It was unfortunate that someone dumped rubbish in the canal, but that’s hardly noticeable. (more…)

Neodigital Art: dereliction

1 track

You can often create an artistic image from a photograph of dereliction. In this case an abandoned railway. I simply added some warmth to this photo, to bring out the winter colours of the leaves and the grass. (more…)

Neodigital Art: the last post of 2013

Happy New Year

You can do lots of artistic edits using PhotoScape and add words to make a greeting. This one is for New Year and can be sent in an email as a New Year greeting. You can do similar images for other celebrations such as Christmas and birthdays. Using email is cheaper than paying for postage. (more…)

Neodigital Art: Christmas Images

Merry Xmas sepia

I have begun with a Christmas image today, being as it’s Christmas Eve. Winter is just beginning and I will probably be taking pictures of snow in a few weeks time. I took this one last year of the local church and I edited out a lamp post that was in the way! Then I added the text in PhotoScape. (more…)

Neodigital Art: distorts

Metro before perspective

With PhotoScape you can combine lots of editing features to create something original, something that you created as art. You start with a scan of a drawing or a photograph and then starts experimenting with editing. I took this photograph of a tram on the Midland Metro on a sunny morning.


Neodigital Art: Different styles

1 sunset 2

I was very creative last week, but all I have done to this image of a sunset is make it a little darker, add contrast and crop it at the bottom. I also added the border, which I don’t usually do, but I think it works for this image. (more…)

Writing and photography

1 Wednesbury

Finding ways to enjoy life isn’t easy. Many people enjoy being creative and sharing that with others. Artists produce work for others to see and share. Writers, write for other people; not themselves. We also enjoy doing things that we are good at, perhaps because we get some praise or recognition from others.


Neodigital Christmas Creations

111 color art

My first image today took me about an hour to edit. This street photograph was taken in the early evening and it was quite dark. I’ve used the gradient border again, but made the whole picture lighter using the bloom option and the region (out of focus) option gives me a lot of tools to do something creative with.


Neodigital Art: colour

Digital cameras will quite often produce bright colours. I prefer the shades in this picture. The edit makes it look like a stamp and so more interesting. This image is at 300 dpi and it was taken with my Nikon D3200. If you’re having a photo enlarged or entering it for a competition, they often have to be at 300 dpi.


Neodigital Art: Editing for Art

1- WEST BROM Library edit 1

When the weather is bad, I stay in and edit my images to produce something artistic. Last week I took this photo in the sunshine and this week I tried some different editing. Editing in PhotoScape isn’t difficult, but you learn how different things work with experience.


Neodigital Art: For the people

aa  artsitic

If you’re a regular readers then you’ll know that Neodigital Art is about taking digital images and turning them into art. This image was a photograph that I took while experimenting with different camera settings. I took the photo through the window. I’ve since done some more editing to turn it into a Christmas Greetings image and changed the tint and added a message.


Fun with photos

Sandwell Valley bridges


PhotoScape is fairly easy to use and you can have a lot of fun experimenting with photos and trying to create art.  I used the colorize option on this photo and gave it a border and then added a title at the bottom. Incidentally, I used the flash when I took the shot because it was quite dark under that bridge.


In search of recognition

Church in sepia

Yesterday I offered readers the opportunity to write for a Zillion Ideas. Most aspiring writers want some recognition. It’s not just writers that need people to pay attention to what they do, but all artists. Whatever we do, whether it’s performing, art or painting pictures with words, we all want recognition.


Photography: Spooky Halloween


It’s Halloween this week and so I went out to take some spooky graveyard photos. The idea with this photo was to take a shot and then superimpose a ghostly figure on top of the image, but it didn’t quite work out. (more…)

Autumn photography

We are well into Autumn here in England and winter is approaching fast. So what can we photograph? The rain keeps on coming and the skies have been dark and cloudy. You do get odd days in Autumn and winter when the sun does provide good light though, like in this picture. The colours are different, more muted.


Art and photography

walsall street

I usually use some of my latest photos or edits for my Tuesday art and photography post. This week I have few new photos, because of the rain. I spent some time editing video that I shot in between the rain. It’s not very good, but maybe I can use video for some future posts.


Neodigital Art | Before and After


This week I’ve started with a before and after of my poppies picture. The original picture was shot in bad light on a demolition site. You can see fairly easily how I have cropped the picture. The editing is harder to explain, but I used PhotoScape and used the watercolour pencil option. It was also resized, as was the original.


Neodigital Art | Editing for art

fish and Chip shop

I had problems taking this picture and had to compromise. I only got the art work to the right of the little shop. I decided to crop it and change it to grey scale and add some vignette. When you add vignette in PhotoScape, you have 10 different ones to choose from. I think I chose number 9 for this picture. 


Neodigital Art | Creating art with editing



I took this photo in June and I’ve edited it a few times. This picture has been popular but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for. If you take the picture at a high resolution then you can crop just a small part of it and still have a good picture. I cropped the poppies on the left. I’m still working on that picture.


Neodigital Art | Creating art

The Public edit

Neodigital Art is about editing photos to create art and so I think it’s appropriate that I used this photo for an edit. This was from a shot of The Public arts centre in West Bromwich. I think it looks artistic. The editing was with PhotoScape.


Neodigital Art and photography

East Park Lodge, Wolverhampton

I’m still looking for a suitable image to edit that I can enter in an exhibition. It will probably be a summer exhibition and so I don’t want anything too depressing.  I’ve started taking more photos of buildings rather than landscapes. The Nikon D3200 seems more suited to buildings; it focuses better on a defined subject. (more…)

Neodigital Art | Editing Victorian buildings

White Hart 2

White Hart, Walsall

Neodigital Art is about creating art using digital cameras and scanners. I went out to take some photos of buildings on Sunday and this was one of the more interesting and historic ones. It not only led me to do some research into it’s history, but even had me researching my own family tree more.


Neodigital Art and photography

scene at Aldridge

I took this shot with my Nikon D3200. I think it might have been better with my Fujifilm S5600. I get less definition, but seem to get more colour separation. I can make this lighter so the trees aren’t so dark; but then I lose the blue sky and the sunlight reflecting off the yellow field. The edit always has to be a compromise. (more…)

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