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What will Britain be like in 2050? #environment

Someone posed the question yesterday on Facebook; what will Britain be like in 2050? Will it be a dystopian future of drug addicts, litter filled streets and a the English language replaced with a Americanised language filled with four letter expletives? We have in some respects recognised some of the problems. Mental health issues are more recognised now but I also see political extremism being seen as a solution to many of our problems. There are those who perceive problems that need to be solved by the adoption of extreme left-wing or right-wing ideologies. The right advocates a siege mentality based on charity begins at home and the left appears to advocate a open house, all welcome approach. I don’t care for either ideology.

What will Britain be like in 2050?


What can we do about climate change?

Climate change is just one of many problems that the world faces. What can we do about climate change? Here in the UK, we are limited in what action we can take. We can cut travel and encourage people to walk more. It is a fact that we don’t get enough exercise and it would be much healthier for children to walk to school.

What can we do about climate change?


Make it pretty! #WednesdayWisdom

Yesterday, I had to write a short piece about the town I live in. What’s it like? It’s not pretty and that is the problem, it gets uglier all the time. We need to make it pretty! We need grass verges not tarmac ones. I know that means mowing them through summer but at least that will keep a few people in jobs. The speed humps and potholes on estates make them look ugly too.

make it pretty


Do we live in a toxic environment? #ramble

It’s Sunday morning and once again I’ll share my thoughts with you. I must admit that sometimes I over-think things. It was my birthday this week and I got a lot of messages on Facebook wishing me ‘happy birthday’. I try to be polite and so that meant saying, ‘thank you’ over 200 times. I became acutely aware of who my supporters were and who was missing from that list. Some of the missing ones are very nice to my face but perhaps harbour petty grievances. We do live in a toxic environment in the 21st century and it is because petty jealousies relating to personal status creates hidden divisions in our society. We need to support each other more.

toxic environment


The autumn equinox 2016 #seasons

It’s the autumn equinox tomorrow when the day is split equally into light and dark and my landscape photography becomes a little more challenging. In fact, I’ll probably do more indoor photography.

Autumn colours


5 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Greener

By: Danielle Hegedus

These days, many people are interested in making their home more eco-friendly. Whether you want to reduce your overall environmental footprint, or just create a safer, healthier living space, you don’t have to invest a ton of money to make your home greener. At Home Improvement Leads, we recommend that you start simply by making your home more environmentally sustainable. Read on to learn about small changes that you can implement to save money on monthly utility and grocery bills. You can also reduce indoor pollutants that can be damaging to your health, all while diminishing your home’s impact on the environment.



Top 5 Cities for Going Solar

A guest post by Mary Sauer

During 2015, the generation of energy using solar power has doubled. It was a remarkable year for the solar industry, and it gained a momentum we hope to see continue until our country can reach—and even surpass—the goals set for reducing our consumption of non-renewable energy sources and increasing our reliance on solar power. (more…)

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