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Community photography


Speeding up your laptop #technology

There are a few ways of speeding up your laptop. You can add more memory and that’s not too difficult. Most laptops use DDR3 or DDR4 memory. Mine had 4 Gb of DDR3 and so I removed the little cover on the back of the laptop and there was a spare slot for another 4 Gb. So I just slotted another 4Gb in and that cost me about £18. If your laptop is really slow the first thing to do is to defragment the hard drive. Just type defrag into your search box to find the app to do that. I also use Ccleaner for removing junk from my computer and optimising the registry. You can also use a USB flash drive and the Ready boost app to add a little speed to your computer.


Top 5 Cities for Going Solar

A guest post by Mary Sauer

During 2015, the generation of energy using solar power has doubled. It was a remarkable year for the solar industry, and it gained a momentum we hope to see continue until our country can reach—and even surpass—the goals set for reducing our consumption of non-renewable energy sources and increasing our reliance on solar power. (more…)

Risks and diversity #investments


There are many different kinds of investment. Even buying tools so you can grow vegetables in the garden or do your own DIY can be an investment. Investments can save you money, make you money or simply provide a little insurance and peace of mind. Something you can sell when times are hard. (more…)

Finance Friday: 2015 investment ideas

Investment ideas

Another year begins and many people are looking at the trends for finance in 2015. What would be a good investment in 2015? Gold continues to fall and although the stock market has recovered a little, it was still down at the end of 2014 compared to the previous year. The UK needs investment. (more…)

Life: diversity

Do you remember Christmas when you were a kid? I still remember the things associated with Christmas. We had tangerines at Christmas, now it’s satumas. Whatever happened to tangerines? We had nativities at school and we learnt Christmas carols. Childhood is about learning, the knowledge we gain  is the foundation of our lives. (more…)

Me and Tech

Autumn 2014 (8)

I took this photo yesterday afternoon with my Nikon DSLR. Digital cameras are great compared to the old film cameras that we used when I was younger. I can also edit on my computer, that was impossible with film. (more…)

Finance Friday: investors and speculators.

There are a lot of different types of investments. Labour this week announced a policy that would stop some ‘buy to let’ investments. I think borrowing money cheap to buy run down properties to rent out to desperate people is simply being a parasite. We need proper investment in housing, not get rich quick speculators. (more…)

Neodigital Art and photography

1 arches of bridge

Art is subjective, everyone likes different things. We tend to find patterns interesting and have a common view of what is beauty. Other things affect our perceptions, that are often deep within our memory. A scene might remind us of our childhood for example; but whatever it is, it must evoke an emotional response. Art is about emotion. It’s not logical, it’s emotional. (more…)

From the past to the future

1 Old railway track

I took this photograph last Sunday. It shows an abandoned railway track going under a new road. On the other side of the road is a 18th century canal. On this side of the road, the river goes through a culvert. The three main transport links of the past all come together. Some believe that transport underpins wealth creation in Britain, but is there something more important?


Neodigital Christmas Creations

111 color art

My first image today took me about an hour to edit. This street photograph was taken in the early evening and it was quite dark. I’ve used the gradient border again, but made the whole picture lighter using the bloom option and the region (out of focus) option gives me a lot of tools to do something creative with.


PAYD: Pay as you drive

Picture of the M6 motorway

I transferred a photo from my phone to my computer using Bluetooth the other day. Short range communication technology is more sophisticated now and has many applications. So called electronic or ‘smart’ number plates on cars isn’t a new idea, but could it be a step forward? (more…)

Science and tech: The way forward

Holloway Bank at Night

The advances in technology have changed my life dramatically over the past 30 years. I think it’s probably changed the lives of most people in western countries. I can chat to people in other countries and take photos like the one above, even in the dark. I’m even joined the smart phone set this weekend…


Looking to the future

I sometimes wonder about the future. What will it be like? What do we want it to be like? Collectively, we do have a choice. Do we want it all ultra modern, losing our historical buildings, our traditions and the English Countryside or are there some things that we should preserve and look after?


HS 2 another fracking bad idea

HS 2 was a plan for a high speed rail link from London to the Midlands, but now it’s been extended to the north of England too. The original estimate of the cost was supposed to be 32 billions, but that has been revised upwards to 42 billions and with the governments track record we can expect it to cost closer to 100 billions. Could we spend money and invest more wisely?


Economic balances


Last year when I wanted a new microwave, I shopped around and went to Comet in the end. Now Comet has closed down, I have less choice and so when my freezer died I checked them out online and went to Curry’s to buy one. There is now less competition for Curry’s and so they will fill the gap left by Comet and sell more. There is still lots of competition in that market though. (more…)

Things you might like to try on the internet

Woden Road Wednesbury

This web page has it’s own URL, that is the uniform resource locator. The URL is like an address where pages and other things are on the internet. You can see the URL in the address bar of your browser. I just went to Wikipedia and got the URL of their wiki  about the subject and then pasted it to make that link at the beginning of this paragraph. Being able to highlight the URL in your browser and then right click and copy, enables you to paste it to other locations.


Innovation and invention

Canal Bridge, Wednesbury

In the 18th century, water power dominated in Britain, most power came from watermills and canals were built to transport coal and other goods around the country. This age of water power was followed in the 19th century by steam power, railways were build the length and breadth of Britain. The 20th century saw railways become less fashionable and road transport dominated. Now in the 21 century we see recession, not just in the UK but around the world.


Scientific mysteries

Perry Barr 011

We look to nature to provide us with everything we need. Science and technology has exploited nature and we have transport systems and communications systems that would have been unheard of a hundred years ago. The technology that goes into the average car involves materials, fuel, electrical, paint, hydraulics and electronics. The technology gets more and more diverse and sophisticated. Soon we will have computer and communication links in our cars. We already tend to use satellite technology to find our way. Soon we will have far more information at our disposal and all voice controlled as we drive. Maybe one day we can travel without even driving? Beam me up, Scotty!


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