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Newton’s Third Law of motion #philosophy

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

The wheels on this tram are going around and pushing backward on the track and so the tram goes forwards. When we want to go from sitting to standing, we push down on the chair and we go up. (more…)

Food bank in need donations wanted

Money image for Food Bank post

Food Bank

This week I visited a food bank and chatted to the volunteer running it. They can only open a couple of times a week to help the most needy in the community.  Referrals to the food bank are mostly made by the local authority. They try to help with other things like clothes too. I donated much needed cash.


Finance Friday: discretionary income

discretionary income

Disposable and discretionary income

Disposable income is the money we have coming in after we have paid taxes and other compulsory deductions. Discretionary income is the money we have left for enjoying life after we have paid out for essentials. (more…)

Finance Friday: Choice and opportunity

I have been thinking about when I was young and the choices and opportunities people had then. There were lots of local jobs and people walked to work or rode a bike. Few people had cars or telephones. (more…)

Black Country Festival 2014

Carnival crowds

You might have noticed I’ve been promoting the Black Country Festival just lately. If you haven’t, then I’m doing something wrong. Today’s picture is of Wednesbury Carnival last year. This is the second year for a Black Country Day and the first year for a festival and so it needs more people to support it. (more…)

Feminism and Fighting Stereotypes

definition-equality-6702406 (4)

By Fairy Dharawat

Last year there was a row over a picture depicting a women with a sign, “this is what feminism looks like” which received lot of attention. The picture was later shared widely from one of Facebook groups whose followers posted unsavoury comments ( ). (more…)

Education: For the journey


We are all on a journey through life and education can set us on the right road and help us to reach our planned destination. It can also make us prejudiced and either give us high expectations of a lack of confidence that stops us achieving. Having the confidence to be adventurous is important to success. (more…)

Psychology: Language and social structure

Man is the only animal with sophisticated languages that we use to communicate. We are social animals, but despite the sophistication, we are also primitive. (more…)

Finance Friday | The economic fiasco

Rents for social housing have gone up over the years in the UK and have been subsidised first with rent rebates and then that was changed to housing benefit. They went so high that workers couldn’t afford them.


Finance Friday | Monetarist mayhem

The town that I live in used to be run by the town clerk from the town hall. Now we have a new civic centre, miles away; they didn’t even put it in a central location. Social Housing used to be council housing and people paid rent that included rates, water rates and sewage.


Mid-week moan | Times are a changing


Do you remember hand carts? People used to sell flowers from hand carts years ago. They often grew the flowers in their gardens and they made a living out of selling them.


Social structure and the pecking order


Social structure is often divided into three strata, upper class, middle class and working class. Otherwise known as the rich, the middle income group and the poor. These different classes are often sub-divided. The rich can be aristocrats, those who inherited wealth or the capitalists who invest and have great wealth and power.


Do people need more culture or better role models?

driving in the rain 2

I’ve used my ‘driving in the rain’ picture to begin today’s blog. We have had a bit of sky juice this year. It makes you wonder if we should build an ark or whether we’ve done something to deserve it.


The Post Code lottery

Woden Road South in Summer

Unequal Britain

In Britain your post code; where you live, tends to  determine a lot of things. How you are viewed by society  in general and by public servants in particular. It tends to determine whether you get a good education, good health care, a decent job and equal opportunities in life. It also determines the way you speak and the way you behave. It can even determine whether you are polite or not! (more…)

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