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What would you do

Life: Choosing the best we can do

Duck splashing in the water

We should always try to do our best. We only live once and we have a reputation to try to preserve. We can’t do our best all the time though, but we can try to highlight the best of what we do and show that off. (more…)

A 100 day adventure

1 winter scene

In recent years, people have had much more leisure time. Many people seem to spend that time playing computer games, updating Facebook, watching movies  and socialising in bars. I don’t see many smiling faces. People don’t seem happier, even though they have more money and more leisure. (more…)

What would you do if you won a million?

Money - Seeing the future

What would you do if you won a million? According to the UK national lottery since the lottery began, it has created over 3,000 new millionaires. It would seem easy to know what we would buy. A new house and car perhaps?


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