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Cheap Christmas Present ideas

Christmas tree certificate

I designed this fun certificate in less than 10 minutes using PhotoScape. You can print certificates and Diplomas like this to give as presents and frame them in a cheap frame (from Poundland). It is cheap and it’s personalised.

You can also frame photographs of people, their pets or their houses and they make good presents too. Make stuff up for amusing certificates. Invent an Institute of Alcoholism for friend’s certificates who has a liking for the booze.


You can also take photos of people and use the vintage option in PhotoScape to make them look old. Add the words, ‘Auntie Dot 1920’ or ‘Uncle Fred 1935’ to the bottom of the photo to complete the illusion.

Old Photos

Old photos can be restored using PhotoScape and given as presents. It’s a bit time consuming and fiddly, but worth the effort. Again frame them in a cheap frame.


You can also print labels to put on jars and bottles to have a bit of fun. Cheap sweets in a jar with a suitable label can be a fun gift. Some bottles of Perry are cheap and look a little like a champagne bottle. Soak the label off and add your own fun ‘champagne’ label.

Goody bags

You can also have fun, doing ‘goody bags’. Put odd things in a goody bag, such as sweets, a tangerine or clementine, pens and a notebook, odd things that are inexpensive. I did one last year filled with items like a Christmas stocking. It didn’t work out very cheap in the end, but cheaper than if I had bought one from Harrods! Talking of Harrods, use their carrier bags for gifts to make them look posh!

Gift sets

You can make up your own gifts sets if you know the person quite well and understand what they like. A shampoo and shower gel combination works quite well. Think of a novel way to wrap them.

Have fun this Christmas and save yourself a little money too…

You can comment if you have a great frugal gift idea, you can also subscribe using the box in the sidebar. You can also follow me on Twitter for updates.

3 Responses

  1. I loved the certificate! and it took much less time. I should try some of these tips like that of goody bags with different stuff and package them in an expensive bag.

    The thought counts not the gift since everyone we know they already have what they want! The safest bet is buying them a book – it shows your thoughtfulness, even if they are not the reader kind and may not read your book, they know that reading is good and you wish them the best by buying them the book, here again the thought counts.

    Its also comparatively better than buying cups and mugs and stuff they may not use.

    I gifted a subscription of my favorite magazine which was appreciated last time 🙂

    Enjoyed the post.

    December 20, 2013 at 17:17

    • Hi Fairy,

      You can have a lot of fun with the certificates and diplomas if you have a lot of imagination. Mugs are good if you fill them with little sweets too. I can get project books for a pound at Poundland and they are divided into sections. Idea for writing notes on your goals in life, keeping notes to write a dissertation or whatever, they have multiple uses. I find reporters notebooks really useful too. I’ve been busy just lately, but I’ll send you an email soon. I started writing a sequel to last year’s Christmas story today but only got half way through the draft before I was talking to lots of people on Skype!

      December 20, 2013 at 18:00

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