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How to cheat and save money #thrifty

We often see very expensive products and want them for the prestige or just to fit in. It can be anything, an expensive car to impress at an event or designer clothes. It is always possible to cheat and create an impression that looks expensive but isn’t. We need to forget labels, a label doesn’t guarantee style. People who select clothing based on the label do so because they have no sense of style. It can be useful to just look around a website that sells the latest fashions and then decide on the look you want to create and then you can cheat. The way to cheat is to go to the budget websites like Matalan or Primark and look for the same style or a very similar style and create the look you want on a budget. I did this for a vintage event. I thought a linen suit would look good with a suitable hat. I ended up with chinos and a linen shirt from Matalan and a summer trilby. I got the look but I did cheat!

thrifty cheat

Food cheats

You can find up-market foods like duck at discount supermarkets like Aldi. Those herbs and spices are half the price of major supermarkets too if you’re cooking a special meal. I compared the ‘extra special’ Cumberland sausages from Asda with similar ones from Aldi this week and I think the Aldi ones are better. They taste like they have more meat and less black pepper. They are also 40p cheaper for a pack. I bought 2 packs for £4 in Asda, they cost even more if you only buy one pack.

You can cheat on food by replicating expensive food too. If the kids want burger and fries from McDonald’s. Do a cheat. The fries from Aldi cook quickly and their burgers are much better than McDonald’s. Just serve them up in special containers which you can get from Poundland and your cheat will be a success.

Cheat around the home

The pictures of rooms in the glossy magazines always look so opulent. You can make your rooms look expensive too. Go for a minimalist look and use furniture that looks like it is quality. Make the decor simple but add some art that looks expensive. I bought a canvas through Amazon recently which was a great price and an original artwork that I sent to be printed. You could choose a vintage picture or anything that looks stylish.

In the garden

Simplicity in the garden with attention to detail will impress your guests when you have a barbecue. Try to get those all important lines down the lawn like they do in all the posh gardens on the television! Try to steal ideas from magazines and from the television but not from your neighbours! Avoid anything gaudy, show the neighbours that you have some taste (even if you don’t have much money).

The impressive cheat

The really impressive cheat will avoid anything gaudy like fake diamonds but cultured pearls look elegant and expensive. A watch that looks expensive is always a good idea as part of an overall look. Again try to pay attention to detail when creating a style. Look around on Amazon and on eBay for products that will allow you to create an expensive looking cheat. Be creative to get the look you want. Buy white trainers and use fabric paint to make them the colour of your favourite team. That is cooler than buying the most expensive brand. You only need a little imagination to cheat and save money.

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