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Choosing a camera #photography

Over the weekend I went out and took a few photographs despite the weather. I also compared the cameras I own and the results of my comparisons weren’t what I was expecting. You might expect the most expensive camera to produce the best results. That’s what I thought. I compared a pocket camera with no viewfinder, my Fujifilm S5600, my Nikon D3200 and lastly my Nikon D750. I also compared the camera on my phone. The cameras with viewfinders were much better simply because there is less camera shake.  The difference between the shots I took with the different cameras was minimal although the more expensive D750 was the easiest to use. If you’re choosing a camera the Nikon D750 is a great camera but any camera with a viewfinder is a good way to start in photography.

choosing a camera


My tests showed clearly that a viewfinder is a big advantage on a camera. Using a live view screen leads to camera shake. I chose to photograph a box of cornflakes because the text would allow me to check for blur more easily. I took all the shots with a wide aperture and all three cameras with viewfinders produced good shots. However, it was the Fuji that produced the sharpest shot. That shows you don’t need a DSLR to get a good shot and that bridge camera can be just as good. The Fuji is hard to do the settings though. When you’re choosing a camera, choose one with a viewfinder.


I checked the properties of each shot to find out why the Fuji shot was sharper. It shot faster! The shutter speed is limited on the Nikons to 1/60 of a second when using a flash. That was a reminder to me to use manual not aperture priority when using a flash!

Subject matter

Over the weekend I gave a lot of consideration to the subject matter of my photographs and I want to photograph buildings and even entire streets that might change in the future. I’ll try to keep a historical record. I’m also trying to take more interesting shots. I took a shot of Victoria Park from outside the park which was an unusual shot. It had just rained and so the green of the grass and trees were lusher but I shot it with the camera set on portrait to get the delicate shades of green.

That’s all for this week. If you’re choosing a camera look for one with a viewfinder in your price range. I think Nikon and Fujifilm cameras are really good but there are others! If you buy a Nikon DSLR then shoot in manual when you use a flash!

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