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Choosing a used camera #photography

GUM BALL 3000 2012

There are always a lot of used cameras for sale on specialist websites and Ebay. If you are lusting after a really expensive camera buying one used might be the answer. You need to know the difference between the different cameras. This picture was taken with a Fujifilm S5600  bridge camera.

The aperture is wide and so it got the car in focus and quite sharp. Notice the background is more blurred, but that isn’t the subject and so it doesn’t matter. Bridge cameras can usually go to wide apertures, but they don’t usually go to very narrow apertures. The Fujifilm camera only goes to F 8. It is a 5-megapixel camera and so your image isn’t very big. The used price would be around £50, so quite cheap. It has a viewfinder but the display on the back is too small.


This was taken with a Panasonic bridge camera. I think the camera was set on auto and so the camera recognises the subject and sets a wide aperture to get it in focus. The camera doesn’t know it’s a landscape. It would have set the aperture narrower had it been set on the landscape setting. It’s still a good picture for a bridge camera. The used price would be less than £200.

West Park Wolverhampton Fei Yip

This was taken by a student from China, with a Nikon bridge camera, when she first arrived in Wolverhampton to study. Again it was set on auto and although it’s clearly a landscape the camera set the aperture wide. With a landscape setting the picture would have been much clearer. It is a nice picture, though, but a little impressionist.

Brunswick Park 2013

This is with a Nikon D3200 with the kit lens (18 – 55mm). This was one of the first photos that I took with a DSLR  on the landscape setting. The light wasn’t very good, it had just stopped raining. The camera increased the ISO to 400 to compensate for the poor light and then set the aperture at F 10, which is narrower than the Fujifilm will go, but not a narrow aperture for a DSLR.

If I was taking this photo now, I would choose the same higher ISO but make the aperture narrower for greater depth of field and take the shot. If the shot looked dark on the live view screen, I would increase the exposure compensation and take the shot again. I would be tweaking the manual setting to try to get the whole picture in sharp focus.

Whichever camera you choose, you can get quite good pictures. The DSLR has a sensor that is  more sensitive to light and if you’re taking photography seriously then look at the DSLRs. You can get a full frame one sometimes for less than £200. It won’t have as many megapixels as a newer one or as many focus points and no video capability, but will still take good pictures. Once you have the bug, though, you tend to keep buying lenses and other equipment!

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