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Choosing a location #photography

Last week, I was going shopping and I happened to be going near Bescot station in Walsall and so decided to make that my location for a photo-shoot. The motorway runs alongside the station with the river in between and so there are lots to photograph.

BESCOT Station a good location for a photo-shoot


Patterns make a shot more interesting but in this shot, there are lines all over the place. There is a clear line going across the foreground which I used for levelling the picture. Some shots were really hard to level up with lines everywhere.

BESCOT (148)


This wasn’t a pretty location, it was more industrial but there were plenty of interesting things to photograph from the footbridge. You can just see a swan on the river in this picture. It can be quite scenic, both up-river and down-river in Sandwell Valley.

Bescot Station


I use several apps for editing and the light was particularly harsh on Thursday and so I edited my pictures to make them slightly warmer. I tried editing with Adobe Photoshop Express which is a free app from the Windows store and it seems to have worked well for this picture.

Model railways

MODELS (56)_edited

West Bromwich Rail Model Club moved to new premises on Saturday and so I was there to photograph the ribbon being cut and I photographed a few models too. I used a 35 mm prime lens for the quality and for the wider aperture which blurred the background. I was a bit too wide for many of the shots but was about right for this one. This is at f/2.8.

A scenic location

Birmingham canal at Tipton small

I’m thinking more about creating art as well as just taking pictures now and I still had railways on my mind on Sunday so I went to Tipton station. I had to wait a while for the next train and so took a few shots of the canal that runs alongside instead. The light was poor after the rain but at least it was an even diffused light. I increased my ISO to 400 and took a few shots of the old main Birmingham canal. I have edited this with PhotoScape and added a misty white border for a picture postcard scene.

I think I chose good locations this week but the light wasn’t ideal. The main advantage to having a DSLR and using the manual settings is you can adjust to the conditions no matter how bad the light is and achieve interesting shots.

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